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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies is getting exciting by the day, and we expect newer content soon. Firebase Z is the new map that we expect will release sometime soon. With the new weekly updates and balance changes, Zombies is a dynamic place to check your weapons performance.

The playstyle for Zombies differs greatly from multiplayer and Battle Royale. The accuracy level need not be the best in Zombies because players need to shoot at hoards of undead enemies. However, headshots will always count for more points and make your life easier by consuming less ammo for each kill.

This is the reason LMGs are the preferred weapon for this mode. With a ton of ammo, players find it easy to clear undead crowds. But this particular class of weapons comes with specific cons of its own.

The mobility and ADS speed is highly affected when it comes to LMGs. Less mobility can spell doom in Zombies because when the rounds get intense and zombies multiply in number, rotating fast around in enclosed spaces is the only option left to survive.

In this article, we will discuss the best weapons and loadouts for Zombies in the first season of BOCW. These classes and weapons might change with the next balance update, but for now, we believe these are the best options a player has against the army of brain-eaters.

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The first choice of weapon is the Bullfrog SMG. While at first it seems like an unorthodox choice, the Bullfrog with the right attachments can be lethal. These right attachments will give you insane mobility and a good reload speed. It is very important to have an excellent reload speed to keep the oncoming zombies at bay.

Remember to equip the laser sight and the flashlight. Have good hip-fire accuracy, but take care not to impeach your movement speed by using any attachment.

The next must-try weapon is the M16. There are no Zombies regulars who do not know that the M16 shreds in the zombie mode. All that players need to do is keep in mind that ARs move very slowly while firing, and therefore they need the right attachments to increase movement speed.

The M16 is highly reliable, so equip the best class, taking care to have the high ammo capacity and the right stock for the amplified movement speed. We will suggest a 2x optic for those collateral headshots.

The last unique weapon for Zombies is the Hauer 77 shotgun. It is a pump-action shotty and therefore deals high damage with accurate shots. Just line up the perfect attachments to get good mobility and increase the fire rate. Once that is achieved, the Hauer is virtually unstoppable.

Those were our recommendations for the best weapons for Zombies currently. Let us know in the comments what you think are the best weapons to use inside Zombies in Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty BOCW: Best Weapons and Loadouts for Zombies - EssentiallySports

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