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In Call Of Duty Zombies, easter eggs have been a staple ever since the equally iconic Der Riese. Every single map after Ascension has had a major easter egg, which are long-winded quests that generally reward the player with either every Perk or ends the map, effectively beating it.

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This list will be referring to the major easter eggs of the series, the main quests of each map. Some of the easter egg steps are infamously complicated and have taken over a week to be completely solved. Others have taken less than a day to figure out. Sometimes, the easter egg quests feel worth the effort, other times they're more obnoxious than anything.

Buried is generally considered the best Victis map by a wide margin, as TranZit and Die Rise are two of the most hated maps in the series. Like all Victis map easter eggs, there are two different paths for them, with one being a Maxis side and the other Richtofen.

For the most part, both sides are rather similar with slight differences, but what brings it all together is it's ending. The Sharpshooter step is one of the most iconic, and fun, steps of all the easter eggs. The rest of the steps are fun and interesting as well, playing into the map nicely.

Easter eggs have always been catered to those who like quests, searching for clues to find the next step. People who play for high rounds and those who play for easter egg completion are generally two very different playgroups.

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However, Classified decided to make the easter egg simply getting to a high round. Surely it's an easier to reach round so everyone can enjoy it with a huge time sink, right? Well, not at all. Classified requires players to get to round 150, which can take hours to do. No one enjoys spending over 4 hours to unlock an easter egg, which is why it's one of the worst.

Moon is a little bit annoying as it requires a lot of Mystery Box luck as the Wave Gun, Q.E.D.s, and Gersh Devices are all needed to complete it. After obtaining them all, however, the easter egg is a ton of fun. None of it is overly hard, making for a challenging, but fair easter egg.

The ending is also fantastic as well. Blowing up the Earth from the Moon is the most iconic scene from the Black Ops 1 era of Zombies, and sets the groundwork for the next stage of the story in Black Ops 2 beautifully.

Mob Of The Dead is one of, if not the best map in all of Zombies. It's responsible for saving Black Ops 2 after the flops of TranZit and Die Rise, and had one of the coolest settings and cast the series had seen up to that point.

However, the Mob Of The Dead easter egg is incredibly boring. Practically the only step to the easter egg is flying the plane to the Golden Gate Bridge three times. The ending is one of the coolest, putting you into a PvP where whoever is Weasel fights against the rest with the zombies on their side. Getting to this point is a little too tedious to carry the easter egg, however.

Call Of The Dead was the first time a major easter egg was beatable on Solo (excluding Der Riese). The steps were different for Solo and co-op, but the Call Of The Dead easter egg was fun and simple. Saving the Ultimus Crew from being locked inside a room made for tons of fun dialogue.

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Call Of The Dead gave you a permanent reward as well. After completing it, every time you kill the George Romero boss zombie, he will reward you with a Wunderwaffe DG-2 drop (replacing the Death Machine he normally gives you).

After Call Of The Dead, it seemed like all the easter eggs would be doable on Solo (something requested since Ascension). However, Shangri-La returned to needing 4 players to complete, and completing it was one of the most annoying things to do.

It requires constant communication, and practically every single step has a time limit as it needs you to be in Eclipse mode. Shangri-La is already one of the hardest maps in the series, and it doesn't help to make the easter egg anyless tedious to complete it.

Der Eisendrache is one of the best maps ever and has one of the best easter eggs in the series. All of the steps are easy to remember and fun to complete (sans having to travel back in time twice).

The Der Eisendrache easter egg plays into the map's design very well and utilizing the bows in a really fun way in four-player games. The boss fight was a ton of fun as well, and it's one of the best boss battles in Zombies. Being able to beat it on Solo is a nice added bonus as well.

Not only one of the worst maps, but TranZit also has one of the worst easter eggs ever. The Richtofen side is much more involved, but the Maxis side is one of the most boring ones ever.

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If you like standing around until theAvogadro decides to show up (which is random) then maybe you'll enjoy it. You have to kill it with an EMP under an electrical tower with a Turbine out. That's it, that's the easter egg. It's incredibly boring, and more time is spent waiting until Avogadro spawns near you than actually doing the steps.

Origins is an incredibly quest-heavy map by design, so a map like that is bound to have one of the best easter eggs. Origins is a journey, and the easter egg helps to push that point home.

Origins is exactly what an easter egg should be, utilizing everything the map has to offer. Everything on Origins feels useful and needed, and everything all ties together beautifully. Origins was the first time we saw the Primus Crew, and they gave a story that was magnificently told as the easter egg progressed.

Sans the last two maps, Black Ops 2 had a lot of poor easter eggs, and Die Rise is the worst offender of the bunch. The steps to Die Rise are absolutely abysmal. The Maxis side requires you to shoot a Pack-A-Punch'd Ballistic Knife in a random room, and they couldn't have ever bled out or bought the Galvaknuckles or Bowie Knife.

The Richtofen side isn't much better, as it requires 20 shots out of the Sliquifier which uses up almost all of its ammo. Both sides need to use small Mahjong tiles in order to determine how to do the end step, something that's incredibly tedious as there are so many different spawn locations for them.

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