City near Wiltshire in ‘unluckiest places’ to live in a zombie apocalypse – Wiltshire Times

Experts have claimed recently that Bath would be one of the unluckiest places to live if a zombie apocalypse were to hit.

Were not sure we want to truly imagine zombies taking to the streets near Wiltshire, but we thought we would delve into the figures shared by for anyone fascinated by the supernatural.

Listed as the fourth worst place for a zombie apocalypse, Bath would be affected by 297,409 zombies.

So what makes the experts think Bath would be so badly hit? conducted research to replicate a hypothetical zombie apocalypse in which the deceased is resurrected as the living dead.

The research evaluates both the nominal and relative concentrations of zombies in administrative subdivisions of the United Kingdom.

Estimations for this study are based on a sample of 369,240 globally geolocated cemeteries and memorials acquired from an established public database of cemetery records.

The predictions also showed that Leeds would be the worst place to be if the very unlikely event was to occur, with 811, 422 potential zombies roaming the streets according to the casino company.

Leeds is also home to 149 cemeteries, which the company recommends avoiding. The second worst place to be would be Manchester, which experts say has 769,911 potential. zombies.

Liverpool came third, with 469,768.

The Isles of Scilly came off lightly, with only 98 estimated to walk the streets, making it seem like the best place to be in in this almost impossible scenario.

The same can be said for Stevenage, the second least affected area, with only 241 potential zombies roaming the streets.

The third luckiest place to live during a zombie apocalypse is Oadby and Wigston with 433, followed by Redditch (554) and Mansfield (685).

To get these results, the sample of cemeteries looked at was reverse geocoded using the Ordnance Survey Administrative Boundaries and the Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) boundary lines for the UK.

Population estimates from the ONS and the NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Centre (SADAC) are also used to define district and state-level populations for the UK.

Population estimates were gathered and then 'spatially joined' to the TIGER state-level boundaries.

The dataset of cemeteries was then collected by district and state to determine the total number of cemeteries, the total number of memorials, memorials per capita (%), and memorials per KM2 for each administrative subdivision to find the unluckiest places to live during a zombie apocalypse.

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City near Wiltshire in 'unluckiest places' to live in a zombie apocalypse - Wiltshire Times

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