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There are four different upgrades available for the D.I.E Showave in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Here's how to find each of them as fast as possible.

COD Black Ops: Cold War Zombies can get incredibly in-depth when it comes to its various easter eggs and hidden features. Players often wonder how anybody is supposed to figure these puzzles out on their own when there's hardly any guiding information in-game. The D.I.E Shockwave or 'Wonder weapon' is one of the best weapons players can unlock in Zombies.

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The Wonder Weapon, however, will only last so long in its base form. It'll come with 60 'rounds' that can be refilled by ADS-ing to suck up zombies. Blast a massive shockwave to send any zombies in its path flying through the air at the cost of 15 'rounds.' To make this weapon viable on higher rounds, players will have to find one of four upgrades hidden around Die Machine. This guide will walk players through how/where to find these different elemental upgrades for the D.I.E Shockwave in Black Ops: Cold War Zombies. To obtain the following upgrades, players must turn on the power, construct the pack-a-punch machine, and obtain the base D.I.E Shockwave.

The Cryo-Emitter is probably the least convoluted of the Wonder Weapon upgrades to find. Head to the roof of Nacht Der Untoten and shoot a wooden box off the side of the roof and into the pond. The box is located to the left of the tent. Head down into the pond to find an empty flask where the box broke. There is a very obvious purple fungus growing on a tree between Pond and Crash Site. Lure a Megaton towards the tree and bait it into shooting its poison attack at the tree. This will cause the fungus to glow a bright purple.

Players can now place the flask under the tree to collect whatever this fungus is emitting. Wait for about a minute for the flask to fill. Players do NOT have to begin a new round. Once the flask is filled, pick it up and head down into Med Bay, where Speed Cola is. There will be a box covered in chains on the floor near the Particle Accelerator doorway. Interact with the box, and the Cry-Emitter will pop out.

The Cry-Emitter will shoot a single freezing shot upon tapping the shoot button or a constant stream of ice when holding it down. This will freeze zombies in their tracks and is excellent for aiding allies trying to revive a downed teammate. It's not the most practical for killing zombies outright, but it can help in most situations.

The Nova 5 will require a few more steps than the Cryo-Emitter but is still wholly worth it. Head to the middle floor of Nacht Der Untoten and head to the back of the building between Spawn and The Pond. There will be a canister on the left side that must be sucked up with the Wonder Weapon. After a second or two, the canister will jump towards the player to be picked up.

Head to Deadshot Daiquiri, look at it and then head to the right. There will be a tank on the wall where the canister can be placed. Once placed, players will need to lure a Plague Hound near the canister and kill it. Its poison essence will be sucked up. Once it's full (only takes one dog), pick it up and head to the Crash Site. There will be a box on the left wall where the canister can be placed. Place it, then melee it to open the box and claim the Nova 5 upgrade.

The Nova 5 upgrade will shoot a cloud of toxic gas that will create a zombie-killing AOE. However, the gas is not harmful to humans in any way. Players could realistically spam Nova 5 at their feet and take no damage while killing zombies that enter.

As players have noticed, every time they enter the Dark Aether, the location of the portal changes. For this upgrade, players will have to wait for the portal to spawn on the Particle Accelerator room's bottom floor, below the Pack-a-Punch Machine. Once players have entered the dark aether, they'll be tasked with collecting and depositing three specific crystals. These crystals can be obtained in any order, but they must be dropped off one at a time. Players will be able to tell them apart from other crystals because they'll glow bright orange. Use the Wonder Weapon to suck up the crystals and then shoot them into the small box where the Aether Portal was.

Once players have deposited the final crystal into the box, it will open, and the Electrobolt Upgrade will be available.

The Fire upgrade is by far the most convoluted one to get. However, it'll make the Wonder Weapon incredibly powerful as it deals out massive amounts of damage. To do this, players will need to have constructed the Aether Scope. Once the Aether Scope is in their possession, enter into the Dark Aether and head over to the Medical Bay. Grab a small book off the computer desk and get ready to go ghost hunting. There will be three Ghost Whisps that players must interact with.

Once players are out of the Dark Aether, head back to the Medical Bay and interact with the computer to enter the password. Now that players have completed this portion of the Easter Egg, they'll want to head through the Aether Portal that spawns on the threshold of the Crash Site and The Pond. Enter, and head to the teleportation tunnel closest to the Nach Der Untoten entrance in Crash Site. Next to it will be a briefcase. Shoot the Briefcase to open it and obtain a fuse.

Take that fuse down to the Weapons Lab. Directly across from Deadshot will be a machine to plug the fuse into. This machine only spawns if players have gone through the correct Aether Portal mentioned above. Once players have placed the fuse, they'll need to run back up to the pond (in or out of Dark Aether) and melee the box sitting on the flatbed truck near Nach Der Untoten.

The video below from YouTuber Joemet123 does an amazing job of detailing each of these upgrades and is a great step-by-step on how to get them. Players will want to make sure they leave 1 zombie alive at the end of each round to get each of these upgrades safely. It's technically doable in Cranked mode, but it won't be easy.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Last-Gen.

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