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Every week,2000 ADbrings you the galaxys greatest artwork and2000 AD Covers Uncoveredtakes you behind-the-scenes with the headline artists responsible for our top cover art join bloggers Richard Bruton and Pete Wells as they uncover the greatest covers from2000 AD!

This week, the unmistakable artwork of Nick Percival on the cover of The Judge Dredd Megazine issue 448 the second half of the epic undead crossover event that began in 2000 AD Prog 2300, both out right now!


Yes, its 30 years since Sabbat the Necromancer brought Judgement Day to Mega-City One and were celebrating with a thrill-powered extra special two-part event across 2000 AD and the Megazine as the undead across the entire 2000 AD Megaverse take over!

And when it comes to covering the Meg for the zombies take over tale who else would Tharg call but the Percival droid? Hes been scaring us senseless with his tales of the Dark Judges with a style that horrifies just like this


Okay then, over to Nick Percival to tell us all about the wrap-round cover thats going to be giving you nightmares

NICK PERCIVAL: Zombies! Yeah, not exactly a hard sell for me!

I knew way in advance that this 2000AD/ Megazine crossover was happening and was I going to be heavily involved to create some of the Dredd interior artwork but those Dark Judges put a stop to that with their pesky deadlines!

But at least I got the chance to paint the Megs wraparound cover to go with the story.

Drokk it Nick, it would have been incredible to have seen you tackle Dredd in the crossover!

NP: Mighty Tharg had the cool idea of the undead Dredd sitting on the Justice Throne, so I ran with that, expanding the idea into a wraparound to include some of the decay and destruction and of course, a tiny bit of zombie shenanigans.

Those zombies and their pesky shenanigans, eh? And heres Nicks rough sketch of the cover in all its glory


NP: I wanted a dark and moody feel and a real grisly look to the whole thing lots of grime, textures, lashings of blood with a rotted, dangerous vibe to final art.

The sketch was a very rough one, just to get the idea out there while it was still fresh in my head I tend to pencil very loosely, which gives me the freedom to play with all the visual elements when I get to the painting stage and delve more into the lighting and the final forms, etc.

And now the final painted cover, complete with zombie Dredd perched on his throne


NP: I cant wait to read the final story and see how it all ties together and if there is a next time, Ill be there for my portion of brains and good old gory horror which youll see plenty of in only a month when the new Dark Judges series kicks off in the Meg just in time for Halloween!

Better get cracking skulls, as those DEADlines never end

Oh wow now thats a terrifyingly great cover right there from Nick. Thanks to him for sending it along. And as for that new Dark Judges series that hes talking about well

Yes, the galaxysss ssscariest quartet of foul fiends returns in Death Metal Planet just in time for Halloween.

But before that, do not miss out on the undead crossover event of the year look out for both 2000 AD Prog 2300 and Judge Dredd Megazine 448 with that leaps out and eats you cover by Nick. Get them anywhere the Galaxys Greatest is sold, including the 2000 AD web shop.

Now, just to send you to bed feeling particularly spooked out, heres a little bit more of that delightfully disgusting details from Nicks prelims and finished art to send you to bed with some Dredd-ful nightmares

And to leave you, lets go closer and closer in on Nicks zombie Judge

Covers Uncovered - Nick Percival's Zombie Dredd Takes The Throne For Megazine 448 | 2000 AD - 2000 AD

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