Dilapidated ‘Zombie House’ Demolished On Long Island After Years Of Complaints – Daily Voice

Crews have demolished a dilapidated Long Island "zombie home" following years of complaints from neighbors and failed code inspections.

The house, located in Plainview, was demolished on Wednesday, Aug. 4, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilman Lou Imbroto announced.

The demolition marks the 22nd "eyesore" to be taken down by the Town of Oyster Bay since the Quality of Life Task Force formed less than four years ago.

No community should be forced to deal with unmaintained and dangerous eyesores that serve as havens for swatters, rodents and other such problems,"Saladino said in a statement."We will continue to make way for new families by tearing down zombie homes and charging banks or homeowners for the demolition costs due to long-term lack of maintenance.

Oyster Bay officials said Code Enforcement officers had previously visited the property on multiple occasions, and it stood vacant for more than 10 years.

Officials added that the house had holes in the roof, which left the interior exposed to the elements. The interior had a mold infestation and rotting floors.

Residents can file complaints about possible zoning, housing and public safety violations here.

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Dilapidated 'Zombie House' Demolished On Long Island After Years Of Complaints - Daily Voice

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