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Spider-Man has the unenviable choice of whether or not to kill his zombified partner, Mary Jane in the latest issue of Marvel Zombies Resurrection.

This article contains spoilers forMarvel Zombies: Resurrection #3

Peter Parker and Mary Jane go together like zombies and decapitation. Or maybe its like peanut butter and jelly, except Spider-Mans peanut butter is an ax and Mary Janes jelly is her head, because Spider-Man may have to kill his zombified life partner.

Spider-Man has been aiding Reed and Sue Richards children in their quest to find a cure to the infection that has turned all superheroes - and the remaining human population that hasnt already become food - into zombies. Thezombie disease came from Galactus corpse, which crash landed on earth and its revealed in Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #3 that the infected can travel the multiverse via portals into Limbo thanks to a zombified Magik. As Spider-Mans crew of zombie killers/would-be infection healers arrive at the hives central location in the underwater city of Atlantis, they are surrounded by a legion of zombie superheroes and none other than the love of Peter Parkers life.

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Now undead, Mary Jane offers immortality to Spider-Man via infection. Creative team Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Leonard Kirk offer up an unenvious choice to Peter Parker: kill M.J. or turn into a zombie. The everlasting life of a zombie could seem a romantic notion to Peter, who could spend eternity with his partner. An immortality marred by the grim prospect of killing to eat and watching his girl devour everyone in sight, but immortality nonetheless.

Peter has spent every issue of this seriesrevisiting his past mistakes through horrid nightmares that play out at the beginning of each comic. In his flashbacks, Spider-Man relives the early days of the infection. Most heroes fell quickly and Spider-Man was stuck caring for Valeria and Franklin Richards after their parents turned. He couldnt kill Reed and Sue then but he certainly wasnt going to let the kids join the family business of brain eating. But now faced with the option to finally stop running and living in constant fear, does Spider-man have what it takes to kill?

Spider-Man is one of the more altruistic heroes and has often sacrificed himself for the greater good. But there is no greater good option here; its just kill or turn. Spider-Man and Mary Jane are meant for each other, but does that love extend into the afterlife? Will Spider-Man be able to stomach the remains of dead flesh as well as the regretful choice of turning zombie to be with his love? It seems unlikely that Spider-Man would give up his mortal life to be with M.J. when he still has the Richards kids to keep care of. Though it surely has to be tempting.

The alternatives to becoming a zombie are not ideal. Spider-Man and his cohorts are surrounded by super-powered undead and are trapped in the sunken city of Atlantis. Its down to fight, flight or become a feast for the undead fiends. The limited series is set to wrap up with the next issue, so Spider-Mans impossible choice will probably lead up to the conclusion of the story. And in a series rife with bleak choices it only makes sense that Spider-Man is faced with the ultimate one.

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