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Don't Eat Pete is a zombie survival and action game from Idle Game Studios. It's currently available in Early Access for Android and the developers are hoping to get more people playing the game to provide some feedback for its ongoing development.

Idle Game Studios describe the game as a mixture of a twin-stick shooter and tower defence. You'll play as the titular Pete who is on a mission to save as many other survivors as possible. To do this, he'll first have to defend safehouses before bringing those survivors back to his home base.

This will involve fighting off wave after wave of zombies that will become more powerful each time. There are various types of undead to contend with, each having different abilities and powers to be wary of. However, you'll have access to a large arsenal of weapons to mow them down with.

To assist with defending the safehouses you'll be able to create a series of defences structures. These range from walls that will simply hold the horde back to turrets that will gun them down from afar. There are also a few more exotic options available that can stun, poison or simply damage the zombies.

The further you progress, the more defences you will unlock alongside being able to upgrade your existing line-up. Once the survivors have been taken to your home base you will unlock new areas and buildings that may prove useful in your ongoing quest to save humanity.

Don't Eat Pete is available now over Google Play where it is currently in Early Access. It's a free-to-play game that contains adverts.

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Don't Eat Pete is a zombie survival game that's available now for Android in Early Access - Pocket Gamer

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