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Looking to ace all the CoD: Cold War Zombies camo challenges? Not only do the camo skins give your guns a little makeover, they also serve as a reminder of the milestones you've achieved in this mode. Making it all the way to the Mastery level rewards us with animated skins, which are bound to turn a few heads in matches.

Whether you've killed thousands of zombies, or can rack up consecutive eliminations without taking damage, there's a camo to mark your triumph. If you're eager to kit out your weapons with some stylish camo skins, it's fair to say that you have a lot of zombie slaying ahead of you. Once you're happy with your weapon choice and loadout, let's go over all the Call of Duty: Cold War camo challenges in Zombies, and the rewards you can earn by completing them.

You can check out the camo skins on offer, and their corresponding challenges by selecting a weapon in your loadouts. Click on Gunsmith, select the Appearance tab, and then choose Camo to track your progress on each challenge.

The trickiest camo challenge appears to be in the 'Infection' category, which requires us to score 20 or more consecutive kills with our weapon without taking damage. While tearing through Die Maschine working on the Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies Easter egg, I found it difficult to avoid zombies swiping at me, particularly in the Particle Accelerator room where the walkways are quite narrow. Managing to dodge incoming undead attacks 10 times for the Conviction camo sounds near-impossible, but maybe that's down to my slow reflexes.

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