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The spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood, has a ton of different types of zombies for players to find and mercilessly shoot down.

Many fans and players of Valve's Left 4 Dead series were blessed with a proper trailer for Turtle Rock Studios' spiritual successor to the series, Back 4 Blood. This game will give a modern take on surviving with friends throughout campaigns while fighting off hordes of zombies.

Like with Left 4 Dead, players won't be fighting just ordinary zombies in Back 4 Blood. They will also be going up against a number of mutated zombies capable of using their new abilities to hunt for survivors far more aggressively. While it is entirely possible that not all of them have been officially announced, a number of these powerful zombies have already been shown off. Due toBack 4 Bloodstill being in itspre-alpha state, there are some special zombies that have been referred to with multiple names by different sources. It is also possible for the mechanics of these zombies to be changed around as development continues.

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Hockers are mutated zombies with four arms that are capable of powerful agility as well as the ability to jump long distances and hang onto walls. The most chilling part of their abilities, however, are their ability to spit goo at survivors from a long range. When a survivor is hit with the goo, they will be pinned to the ground until they are freed by another survivor. They cannot defend themselves while in this state and are vulnerable to attacks from all kinds of zombies in the meantime.

Players in Back 4 Blood will be able to pick up if there is a Hocker nearby by the hearing loud coughing noises made by the creature, which will allow them to prepare for it to attack or to begin searching for it in order to put it down. Hockers don't have very much health, allowing them to be quickly dealt with if found early enough. They additionally have a weak spot in their chest due to that being the source of their goo.

Bruisers are very dangerous mutated zombies that parallel Left 4 Dead's chargers. They are outfitted with an extremely muscular right arm that can be used to slam into survivors, dealing massive amounts of damage. This attack will also knock back all survivors by several meters.

While its power is intimidating, survivors more often than not will have access to firearms in order to take Bruisers down from a distance, as it needs to be in close range in order to benefit from its abilities. Players can also shoot at its weak spot, which is on its right shoulder where the muscle mutations begin. After shooting at a Bruiser's weak point enough, the muscle arm will fall off and literally disarm the Bruiser, and players can then easily take the zombie down with much less overall risk.

Retches can be considered to be the unholy love children between Left 4 Dead's Boomer and Spitter special infected, and they are massive and bloated zombies that are capable of spitting corrosive acid in order to damage survivors. This acid, however, also attracts hordes of zombies to its location.While Retches can be compared to Boomers and Spitters, Retches are tougher to deal with than either of them. They have plenty of health, making survivors need to work together in order to take them down instead of taking them down in one shot.

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Thanks to the imposing and large silhouettes of Retches, players will be able to see Retches from long distances. This means that unless players are in an indoor location with limited sight lines, players can start to whittle down the health of these creatures upon first sight.

Snitches are long-necked zombies without much combat capabilities or health. However, this doesn't mean that they aren't dangerous, as their main ability is to be able to alert a horde of zombies to the location of the survivors if it isn't killed quickly. The concept of Snitches came from a cut special infected from Left 4 Dead known as Screamers, but it has been reworked a bit for Back 4 Blood in order to make its concept work while also being relatively fair to players.

In-game, Snitches will only alert the horde over after being made aware of the survivors' presence. This means that players can sneak around this zombie if they don't want to kill it for some reason or they can take advantage of it to get a surprise kill.

The most powerful of all the mutated zombies is the Ogre. These zombies are 20 feet tall and play the role of level bosses in Back 4 Blood's first campaign. They are made of many different dead bodies, giving them large health pools. They can additionally restore their health in the middle of fights against survivors. While Ogres have a lot of power, they are also extremely slow. This means that there may be situations for players involving Ogres where it would be wiser to run away from them instead of even trying to fight them.

Players will need to be aware that Ogres are capable of throwing projectiles and breaking down obstacles that are in their way. They can also grab survivors within its reach in order to throw them. In order to get away from Ogres, players will need to get to small passageways that are too small for the Ogre to enter, so players will need to be careful to stay out of the reach of the Ogre even if they are in a place it cannot enter.

Common Infected are as their name suggests and are the most common type of zombiefound in Back 4 Blood. While they are normally weak, they gain power in groups and can overrun players if there are too many of them around.

The speed of Common Infected is determined at the beginning of each level by the corruption cards drawn by the Director. This means that they can moving as slow as a stereotypical zombie shamble to a full running sprint depending on how the cards are dealt.

Back 4 Bloodis set to release on June 22, 2021, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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