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The Last of Us 2 brought back all the creepies we loved from the first game and introduced us to more deadly versions, as well as brand new infected.

Ellie has no shortage of obstacles in The Last of Us 2. As seen in most post-apocalyptic zombie driven media, the undead often takes a back seat to environmental hazards and human nature. Abby might make Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) shake in his black boots.

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When she's not assassinating WLFs or evading the Scars, Ellie still has a world overrun with infected to be concerned about. While stealth should always be a player's go-to strategy, one cannot always remain undetected. Runners will swarm, Bloaters will charge and Shamblers will melt your skin with toxic acid. This guide will walk players through the different undead encountered in The Last of Us 2 and offer the strategies necessary to make them dead-dead.

In their early stages, Runners maintain some human qualities, especially in the sounds they make. The way they twitch and shake their heads makes one wonder if there's still a person in there trying to rid themselves of the urge to attack the first thing they see. And that's exactly what they'll do-- attack the first thing they see. Quick moving and visually equipped, runners will swarm Ellie and chase her until she can effectively break their line of sight. These undead are best taken down by sneaking up behind and killing them with Ellie's switchblade. If detected, they are susceptible to melee damage, and their attacks can be easily dodged. There is no reason to waste valuable ammo on them. If players absolutely must, a single bullet to the head will do the trick.

The important thing to remember about Stalkers is that they will see Ellie before she sees them. They can see, they can hear and they are far deadlier than Runners. It is especially hard to hear them, so Ellie will have to keep a keen eye on corners and doorways. Stalkers like to peek around and spot players before they attack. Thankfully, Stalkers will wait until close to spring into action. This gives players ample opportunities to see them before they swarm. Stealth, however, isn't much of an option here. Players might remember The Hunter Becomes the Hunted tag from The Last of Us awarded for Joel stealth killing a Stalker. This proves far harder for Ellie and it is best she does not risk it if she doesn't have to. Stalkers are weak to damage but will overpower Ellie if she takes a full-frontal melee approach. They are best killed by first stunning them with a throwable and then charging in for the takedown. If there isn't a brick or bottle nearby, a shotgun blast will do the trick. Their heads are small and their movement is erratic. Headshots aren't the easiest, so pistols, rifles, and arrows are not recommended.

Everyone loves to hate Clickers. Their distinct...well... clicking sound forces players to smash the crouch button and slow their gameplay down tenfold. Totally blind, Clickers rely on echolocation to hunt their dinner and will charge at the fist noisy thing that catches their attention. They can be snuck up on, and are best dispatched of with stealth. Players remember the struggle of breakable shivs from the original game, but thankfully Ellie's switchblade was forged with Thor's Hammer. If a Clicker does detect Ellie, she can still stun them with a throwable and charge in herself for the takedown. Again, conservation of ammo is of the utmost importance, especially on the harder difficulties. If players must, a pair of headshots will take them down. That or a well placed shotgun blast. One last innovative way to kill a group of clickers is tossing a molotov cocktail between them. They will charge at the sound and effectively burn themselves to death.

(Bonus tip) Human NPCs hate Clickers more than players do. When Ellie can set Clickers on WLFs she absolutely should. It makes for an easy escape so long as the Clickers don't fix their ears on her.

What would any good zombie game be without its big beefcake infected? Bloaters are massive, strong, and armored. They will charge at Ellie while she's far away, and punish her with a one-hit melee grab if she gets too close. Like Clickers, Bloaters are blind. Ellie can rely on a light foot to sneak around them instead of facing them head-on. However, if Ellie does find one charging like a linebacker, fire will be her best friend. All infected are susceptible to fire, but it's knowing WHEN to 'burn' a molotov that will save Ellie's skin. Facing Bloaters is the absolute right time to toss a flaming bottle of booze. They will writhe in the flames and leave themselves open to gunfire. It is NOT recommended that Ellie take a melee approach, for Bloaters will still grab and one-hit-kill her. Pump that big burning boy full of shotgun blasts and move on.

These are the newest addition to The Last of Us 2. Shamblers pull qualities from Runners and Bloaters and smash them into a terrifying new infected. Their heavily armored hide makes them difficult to kill, and their ability to see makes them difficult to avoid. Shamblers, however, are not as brutish as Bloaters, and are much slower then Runners. Ellie can buck them off if grabbed, and outrun them if she must. Their grab attack does emit a cloud of toxic acid that will melt Ellie away if she's low on health. She should avoid these beasts by any means necessary. They cannot be stealth killed; they cannot be stunned. If she can't avoid one, a molotov will prove to be a useful distraction, then open fire from a distance. When Shamblers die they explode in a cloud of the same toxic acid.

An evil hybrid of all the above, The Rat King is a boss battle encountered while playing as Abby. As much as players want to see her torn limb from limb for what she did to Joel, Abby must come out of this fight on top. This article will give players an excellent step-by-step walkthrough of the Rat King boss fight.

The Last of Us 2 does an excellent job of forcing players to think tactically when fending off all the different types of infected. While everything is easily disposed of with a shotgun blast, harder difficulties will force players to adapt to the environment their placed in, and use the equipment they have wisely. Remember EVERYTHING is weak to fire.

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The Last of Us 2 is available on PlayStation.

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