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Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss explains Morgan's immunity to walkers in the season 6 premiere that showed Morgan's fate.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner explains Morgan's immunity towalkers. Since his introduction in the first episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, Lennie James' Morgan hashad quite the journey.Like most characters in the series, he experiencedtraumatic events and losses but appeared to severely suffer from PTSD and delusions because of it. Throughout the show, he proved to be a bit of a wild card, going from beingon the brink of insanity to living with a peaceful and anti-violence philosophy, only to snap back into a cold-blooded killer. Season 8's final battle led Morgan to step away from thegroup and go off on his ownjourney of healing,crossingover to Fear the Walking Dead, the show's first spin-off series.

Morgan has been a recurring character on Fear the Walking Dead since his transition onto the series in season 4. The premiere episode of season 6 aired on AMC Sunday night following a season 5 cliffhanger that questioned Morgan's fate after being shot and left for dead byVirginia (Colby Minifie). The trailer and poster for season 6 showed Morgan with bloodshot eyes, causing fans tospeculate what could be wrong with him.The season 6 premiere showed Morgan still alive after being saved and treatedby a mysterious medic. His wound bursts open,resulting in a bad smell, which benefits Morgan, who can move along with the walkers without being attacked.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, Andrew Chambliss explains that Morgan's walker immunity comes from his near-death scent.Chambliss notes that Morgan's smellhas tricked the walkers into believing he is one of them. "He's so close to death, and that wound had been sadly treated by a mystery person, and it really is just kind of emitting the stench of death," said Chambliss. "And that is what kind of gives him almost this super-power where he can walk amongst the dead without being noticed."

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