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Left 4 Dead is a beloved title that deserves a remaster. Its return even has the potential to bring back the Zombie Shooter genre.

In the early 2000s, gamers were obsessed with zombie games, specifically shooters. The biggest game in the genre was the co-op titleLeft 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead saw four players work together to escape a zombie infested map. For years the series was a massive hit, butinterest has since waned on both the franchise and the genre as a whole.

Around this time, titles like Dead Rising, The Walking Dead and Call of Duty: World War IINazi Zombies helped add to the craze. However, the things that kept those franchises successful were the companies or properties they were attached to. For years fans have been craving the third installment for Left 4 Dead. However, the only thing fans have gotten is a fan-made update from the fans.Games like the upcomingBack 4 Blood may be carrying the torch, but there's really just one thing that could save the genre: a next-genLeft 4 Dead remaster.

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Titles like Dying Light 2 are showing the difficulty of bringing first-person zombie games to life.Left 4 Dead's next-gen remastercould bring things back to the status quo and introduce new players to an older co-op gaming style. The main difference would be a few additions to create a title that feels more current than its original counterpart. What would separate it from other titles is its main focus on teamwork for survival.

A new remaster could include the classic multiplayer game modes that fans are used to. The remaster could also include some new modes that emphasize communication between teammates to make the levels even more challenging, maybe hot potato style games but with the gnome from the sequel. The game's visuals could also get an overhaul and compete with some of the genre's best-looking games.

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Most zombie titles nowadays feature a heavy emphasis on survival. Left 4 Dead always had some mild survival elements like health packs. However, that could take a more revamped approach with players having to collect materials to create their own health packs between checkpoints. Titles like Days Gone have done an amazing job at bringing survival elements to life in zombie titles.

Many titles that delve into the post-apocalyptic zombie genre have evolved to focus less on action gameplay and much more on the story. Games like The Last of Us have done this to amazing success.Left 4 Dead Remastered would benefit greatly from this as there is a lot of lore found throughout each level. If each level has revamped or additional dialogue and cutscenes, players could have a much more rewarding experience. Theremaster could also include the game's sequel and meld the stories into a much more cohesive narrative.

As a whole, zombie shooters are becoming more played out every year. Even its most iconic franchises are including different types of enemies. However, that doesn't mean that the genre needs to be ended.Left 4 Dead Remastered has the potential to reinvigorate the franchise. Its one-of-a-kind gameplay, unique story structure and pulse-pounding horror-action would bring new players and bring back fans of the original franchise. The zombie shooter franchise may be in jeopardy, but any fan will agree that Left 4 Dead needs a proper next-gen return.

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