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While most of the role mods for Among Us empower the crewmates, the Witch Role mod overpowers the Impostors, allowing one of them to raise the dead.

Some of the most popular Among Us mods are the ones that give the crewmates roles to fulfill. Popular options include the Sheriff Role mod, which allows one crewmate the ability to kill the Impostors, and the Jester Role mod, which introduces a character whose only goal is to get voted out of the game. Now, modders have come up with ways to introduce roles that help or empower the Impostors. The Lover Role mod accomplished this, giving one crewmate the ability to make any other crewmate fall in love with them. While under the spell, that crewmate would lose control of their ability to move freely and would instead be dragged behind the Lover, who would lead them right to the Impostors to facilitate a kill.

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Popular streamer and YouTuber SSundee has introduced a mod that creates another helper role for the Impostors: The Witch. The Witch Role mod turns one of the two Impostors into a powerful necromancer. The Witch has the ability to raise a dead crewmate's body and turn them into a Zombie. Like in the Zombie Mod, crewmates who are turned into Zombies are not able to speak and will have their sprite turn green and their movement speed reduced, but they will have the ability to kill too. The Witch can also create a Zombie horde by summoning all the Zombies to converge on one spot. This role can easily make the Impostor overpowered but can be a fun variation of Among Us and the ever popular role mods. Here's how to play the Witch Role mod in Among Us.

YouTuberKingis responsible for the creation of this mod for SSundee and his friends and, at the time of writing, they are the only ones who have access to it. Players might be able to join a server that is using it, and because of the popularity of role mods, it is always possible a modder will make a version available for download in the future.

When a player is assigned the role of Witch in Among Us, they replace the second Impostor but are not able to kill. Instead, they will gain two new abilities: Summon and Guide. When the Impostor makes a kill, the Witch can follow behind and use Summon to raise the body, resurrecting the player. That player will become a Zombie and will get their own Kill button. Their character will turn green, and they will be significantly slower than other crewmates and the Impostor and Witch. The ability to turn a body into a Zombie has a cooldown of 30 seconds, so the Witch will need to be strategic about using it.

If a crewmate finds and reports the body first, the dead crewmate will become a Ghost, as they would in a classic game of Among Us, and the Witch will lose that crewmate as a potential Zombie.The Witch can also report bodies if they want to, usually as part of a strategy to throw off any crewmate suspicions.

Players who are turned into Zombies will automatically vote for themselves in meetings, so they will not be able to affect the outcome of any votes to eject. They are also not able to be voted out by the other crewmates. They will need to cooperate with one major house rule: they are not allowed to talk, not in meetings and not in the regular match. They cannot give away the identities of the Impostor or the Witch. Once they have been resurrected, they will lose the ability to do tasks, and their objective becomes killing crewmates.

When the Witch wants to send their entire Zombie horde after a player, they can use the Guide button. The Zombies will follow the Witch's pointer to any location the Witch chooses. This is helpful when trying to cut off or corner a fleeing crewmate or in the late stages of the game.

Zombies won't kill the Witch or the Impostor, so those players will need to sell the lie that they are being chased by the horde if they want to avoid suspicion. Running directly into a horde is usually a surefire way to be outed as either Impostor or Witch and get ejected.

Because of the presence of Zombies, it is incredibly difficult for crewmates to win with this mod. While crewmates can try to finish their tasks and vote out the Impostor and Witch, survival against the horde, which cannot be ejected or killed, may be the most important thing.

Players can learn more about this role mod by watching SSundee's video below:

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Among Usis available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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