Inside the abandoned ‘zombie like’ cottage left untouched since a heartbreaking tragedy – The Mirror

A photographer has captured the former glory of a creepy cottage in Reading that has gone nearly a decade without anyone inside - with the exterior serving as a reflection of its unkept interior

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An eerie cottage that has been left untouched since the owner died has been documented by a stunned photographer who came by it.

According to neighbours of the lonely Reading cottage, the owner of the property killed himself following the death of his wife.

With no surviving family to take the place over, the property has been left stuck in time.

A calendar placed on the wall was left opened to March 2013 - suggesting this is the month in which the home was left standing empty.


Following the heartbreaking tragedy, the property's overgrown exterior acts as a reflection of its unkempt, cluttered interior, with the bedrooms appearing in a disorderly state.

Ben James - who goes by @places_forgotten on social media - was behind the creepy photos.

Upon entering the place, he managed to capture f amily photographs, cards from birthdays gone by, cassette tapes, and other strange items on the surfaces within the property.

The photographer also perfectly represented the spookiness of the scenery and landscape - with a hospital tag perhaps belonging to the owner's sick wife still placed on the bedside table.



Other photos show cardboard boxes filled with eclectic odds and an unopened bottle of champagne over the bed.

The bathroom is in a completely sorry state - with toilet paper covering the floor, clothing hanging from the radiator, and old towels lining the edges of the bath.

Ben spoke about the harrowing images which he uncovered during a recent exploration, and said: "It was obviously a well-loved house by a couple as you can see by all the photographs and everything.

"According to the neighbours, the wife was very poorly, and the husband looked after her until she died."



""Apparently there's no family to take it over so it just sits there now," he said as he spoke about the completely untouched living area.

Complete with a dated patterned carpet and worn seating surrounding an old television, there are also strange stuffed animals seen in the corner of the room.

Leaving viewers of the photos with more questions, coats and hats remain hanging on the door hooks, as glasses and a half-drank bottle of diet coca cola stand in a cabinet - with Ben saying the place looks and feels like something out of a zombie movie.

He said: "It's a very eerie place, it feels like something out of the zombie apocalypse.

"The house is slowly being overtaken by nature and there's still everything left such as medications, family photographs, wedding photos, clothes in the wardrobes, even plates in the cupboards and the oven waiting for a meal that is never going to be made."

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Inside the abandoned 'zombie like' cottage left untouched since a heartbreaking tragedy - The Mirror

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