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Over the course of the pandemic, Jeffrey Dean Morgan received the surprising news that neither he nor anyone else involved with The Walking Dead necessarily expected: AMC would be ending the series after 11 seasons. Theres still a possibility that Morgans character will get his own spin-off so that the actor can continue in The Walking Dead universe, but just in case the forthcoming season is his last, Morgan has not been shy about getting his family involved.

In fact, even before The Walking Dead cast Morgans wife, Hilarie Burton, in the Negan-centered 10th season finale, Heres Negan, Morgan and Burton had already cozied up to AMC by starring in their own chat show, Friday Night with the Morgans, if only to keep AMC fans entertained during the production shutdown.

Now Morgan is bringing another family member into the fold. This time, its Morgans son, Gus, who will make his acting debut on The Walking Dead. Gus is only 11 years old, but Morgan was very happy to show off his son as a zombie in a Season 11 episode of the series.

My kid. Just a peek, Morgan posted on Instagram. As a dad, I have to say, Id be hard pressed to remember a time Ive been more proud of this dude. Cant wait for yall to see him in action.

Guss mom, Hilarie Burton, also commented on the post. I love my apocalyptic dudes, she wrote.

Shooting on the final season is expected to last a full year. A couple of weeks ago, Morgan said that they were only on the third episode, so expect Gus Morgan to appear fairly early on in the final season, which kicks off with eight episodes on August 22nd.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Shows His Son As A Zombie On 'The Walking Dead' - UPROXX

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