Killing Floor 2 is still one of the most satisfying zombie shooters, and it’s free on the Epic Games Store – VG247

Right on schedule, Epic has rolled out the new free games available for anyone to claim on the Epic Games Store. As confirmed last week, this week's freebies are Killing Floor 2, and Ancient Enemy.

Last week's trio of free games are all gone, so tough luck for those who might have missed them. As always, be sure to claim the free games before 4pm BST on on Thursday.

Killing Floor 2 is unquestionably the highlight this week. It's fairly old, but remains relevant in 2022. We've been raving about it for six years now, and it continues to end up on our best co-op games list. Killing Floor 2's setup is simple: it's a wave-based zombie shooter - that's it!

There are no obscure Easter eggs you need to hunt for, perform some wild quest steps for a weapon, or any of the modern nonsense zombie shooters feel the need to include these days. What it has going for it, however, and the thing that makes it easy to return to regularly is its satisfying gunplay.

You'll get to enjoy a variety of weapons, split under different classes. The more of them you use, the higher the corresponding class is going to level up, which unlocks useful and devastating perks.

Tripwire has been updating Killing Floor 2 regularly since release - all for free. Jumping in today means you'll have access to a large host of maps, a big arsenal of weapons (including melee), and uncountable cosmetics and customisation options. It's also cross-play with Steam, so anyone who already owns it there can jump in with you.

Ancient Enemy is quite the opposite, a tactical strategy card battler. The game is set in a grim world inspired by folklore, where you'll have to make your way to the citadel one turn at a time. You'll build your deck, assemble your powers and duel anyone that stands in your way.

You can grab the new games on the Epic Games Store website, or through the client.

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Killing Floor 2 is still one of the most satisfying zombie shooters, and it's free on the Epic Games Store - VG247

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