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In the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Kaldheim, black cards slot into Zombie and Elf tribal -- and these cards love seeing creatures die.

Magic: The Gathering is visiting the frosty world of Kaldheim in its nextset. This isa world of legendary heroes,saga-worthy gods and more, and it will feature ten two-color draft archetypes.The archetypes that include black mana will care a whole lot about the graveyard. Death is just the beginning.

Kaldheim, for all its exotic Norse mythology flavor, is staying true to the core values of each color of mana, and the newly-spoiled black cards make it clear that crafty players can revive the fallen dead or harvest them to gain forbidden power. It's time to harness the power of necromancy.

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There is a strong black-green Elf tribe on the way, and a white-black Angel deck is showing up too (flavor-wise, they're valkyries). There is also going to be a blue-black Zombies archetype. For now, Draugr Necromancer may work in any of those decks, and this snow creature is a beefy 4/4 for just {3}B. If an opponent's nontoken creature would die, it is exiled with an ice counter on it instead, storing it in a chilly grave that Draugr Necromancer can easily access.

At leisure, the player can cast spells with ice counters on them and spend mana regardless of type or color to cast those spells. When this necromancer is around, a creature will get two leases on life: on the opponent's side, then on the Necromancer's side to serve a new master in undeath.

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Eradicator Valkyrie takes an even more hands-on approach to death. It's a 4/3 flying beater with lifelink and hexproof from planeswalkers, all for just {2}BB. It also has the new Boast mechanic, and for {1}B, it can sacrifice another creature and force each opponent to sacrifice creatures or planeswalkers.A player using this Valkyrie will likely stock up their board with cheap, disposable creatures that are easy to sacrifice, then watch the opponent agonize over which of their own fancy creatures to sacrifice. Decks that sacrifice their own creatures are always prepared for it.

Already, the Kaldheim set has spoiled a number of black cards that should work well with Draugr Necromancer and/or Eradicator Valkyrie. Rise of the Marnhorde, for example, can be "suspended" with Foretell, then cast for just B during a turn where a lot of creatures die in combat. Once that happens, the caster gets some 2/2 black Zombie tokens,which Eradicator Valkyrie can sacrifice one by one to keep the opponent's board state empty.

Even if both players lose a lot of creatures, the caster of Rise of the Marnhorde will restock their board state much faster, and the Valkyrie will make sure the opponent can't catch up. Draugr Necromancer will also like having so many revival targets to choose from.

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Draugr Necromancer may remind players of Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter, who also likes to exile enemy cards and cast them at will. So, Draugr Necromancer may act as a backup for Tibalt, since planeswalkers like that tend to draw a lot of fire and may get wiped out before long. In that case, Draugr Necromancer can take over the "cast the opponent's spells" game and keep the deck's strategy running.If Tibalt ults, adding RRR to the mana pool makes it even easier to cast enemy spells with Tibalt and/or Draugr Necromancer.

Finally, Koma's Faithful is useful in any Elf deck and/or in a deck with Eradicator Valkyrie, since it has a triggered ability when it dies. Upon death, this Elf Cleric will mill each player three cards, stocking up the graveyard in a hurry. This means Eradicator Valkyrie can sacrifice Koma's Faithful to fuel its own ability and mill, generating all kinds of value in one stroke.

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