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Marvel Zombies: Ressurection has finally revealed a big secret, as the third issue of the series showed what happened to Franklin Richards.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel Zombies: Resurrection #3 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Leonard Kirk, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

There has been one big mystery since the new season of Marvel Zombies: Ressurection started. What happened to Franklin Richards?

Moonstone asked Spider-Man when he would tell Franklin what happened, and Peter said he wouldn't. Later, the group remarked that Franklin not only lost his powers but he was no longer aging at all. Blade realized something was off about Franklin, and the androids also pointed out that Franklin was different and could be used as a weapon. But what happened?

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Marvel Zombies: Ressurection#3 revealed that Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, took a giant bite out of her own son and infected him with the virus that turnedall the superhumans into a ravaging zombie army. However, Franklin never turned into a zombie, and Sue has no idea why. Peter seems to know something he isn't saying. In this issue, Peter is indirect with Franklin, simply saying that something bad happened and that they did what they had to do. He tells Franklin that he was loved.

What could have happened?Franklin'spastmay hold some clues. When Beast said in the first issue that Franklin was the most important of them all, and Susan made a similar comment in this third issue, it spoke volumes about not only his power but the threat he possesses. When Onslaught killed the Avengers and Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards saved them by creating his own pocket universe where they could live on as heroes.

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In this issue, Magik revealed that they were hiding in Limbo and Silver Surfer explained the reason.He mentioned that they could feed on Galactus there and gain his powers, becoming the Hunger Cosmic: zombies with Galactus's cosmic powers. In the original Marvel Zombies series, when the superhero zombies gained the power cosmic, they left Earth and ate every planet they found until nothing remained. There is only so much food for the zombies before everything is gone. With Limbo, they have another source as Surfer said they could traverse through the multiverse.

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