Mobile laser tag (and zombies) is coming to Hattiesburg –

James and Lacy Mai Isenhower and David and Hannah Meigs wanted to bring a little more unique family fun to Hattiesburg, and what better way than mobile laser tag. When we saw the opportunity of mobile laser tag, my mind went to all of the functionality that we could do with that verse a brick and mortar, said James. We got really excited about the potential of mobile laser tag. Being able to go to peoples homes, businesses, or churches or wherever and bring experiences to people and to have that level of making this accessible.

Some people may confuse the term mobile with a cell phone, but this version of mobile laser tag certainly isnt a game that you play on your phone. David cleared some things up with a definition: to define mobile laser tag: a van that goes to a location with specific laser tag equipment, and then we put on an experience in a backyard, in a house, at an office. There are endless possibilities where we take equipment in a van, and we come to you.

Not only are the Isenhowers and Meigs wanting to bring more family-centered fun to Hattiesburg, but also provide a unique and fun experience for adults to share with their friends, and even co-workers. When I think about us partnering with companies, we can absolutely factor in leadership and teambuilding qualities to our games, said David. When you think about an office environment, theres a lot of components that go into having a functioning team. We want to contribute to that in a playful way.

Its also nice for team building for a cooperation, added James. Because typically youd have to take a weekend and go somewhere, but we can come set everything up on your hour lunch break. It would only take an hour of your time to do these things instead of a full weekend.

The mobile laser tag van is scheduled to be up-and-running by November first, and pre-booking is already available. However, there will be a special kick-off event happening each weekend in October, but with a twist- zombies.

Groups of 10-12 will be guided through paths at Thomleys Christmas Tree Farm, armed with a laser blaster. The zombies will have sensors of their heads, and participants will have to try to shoot the sensor as they make their way through the trail. We want people to picture what it would be like if they were in the Walking Dead for 12 minutes, said David. Thats what were trying to create. Instead of having to drive an hour and a half to get to a really awesome Halloween experience, what if you could do it in Hattiesburg?

Sign-up for this event will begin on Sept. 1 and spots will be limited. Ages 14+ are welcome, but those under 18 must have a guardian accompany them. There will also be a side field set up with other game types for those who want to see what all The Hub will offer in mobile laser tag, or for those who dont want to participate in the Zombie Tag.

Volunteers for the Zombie Tag event will also be needed. Those interested in being a zombie must sign up for an orientation on either August 20 from 1-4 p.m. or August 21 from 2-5 p.m. at Ballroom and Beyond Dance Studio. Additional training will be September 17th and 18th. Dress rehearsal dates are TBD but will be mandatory.

A sign-up form for this event can be found at More information can be found on their website and on their Facebook page at The Hub Hattiesburg.

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Mobile laser tag (and zombies) is coming to Hattiesburg -

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