Moon Knight and an Avenger Are in a Race Against an Army of Zombie Moon Knights (Exclusive) –

Before Oscar Isaac starred in a Moon Knight live-action series on Disney+, Marvel relaunched a new volume of Moon Knight in the comics. Splitting his duties between protecting the travelers of the night and running his Midnight Mission, Moon Knight has had his hands full. He's faced attacks from Khonshu's former avatar Hunter's Moon and Zodiac, but has also had some backup in the form of his former Avengers teammate Tigra. Together, the duo has to save their allies at the Midnight Mission from Zodiac, but first will have to contend with an attack from an army of zombified Fists of Khonshu in the afterlife. has the exclusive preview of Moon Knight #12 from writer Jed MacKay, artist Alessandro Cappuccio, color artist Rachelle Rosenberg, and letterer VC's Cory Petit. It comes on the heels of Moon Knight, Tigra, and assassin Rutherford Winner rescuing Moon Knight's therapist, Dr. Andrea Sterman, from Zodiac. However, the rescue left them away from the Midnight Mission, which Zodiac and his armed goons are preparing to attack. Marc Spector decided to reach out to Khonshu for immediate passage to the Midnight Mission in exchange for a favor owed. Together with Tigra, the heroes attempt to sprint through The Path before winding up in the clutches of Moon Knight's predecessors as the Fist of Khonshu.

Readers see several zombie Moon Knights chasing after Marc and Tigra, wearing different variations of Moon Knight costumes. When Tigra asks Moon Knight if he will end up in this realm once he passes away, he's unsure. "I don't know. No one ever told me about any of this," Moon Knight replies. "If we survive this, ask the expert..."

Meanwhile, at the Midnight Mission, Moon Knight's assistant, Reese, and friend, Soldier, confront Zodiac out on the dark streets. Soldier is dressed up in Marc's Mr. Knight ensemble to try and trick Zodiac, but the villain is already seeing through the ruse and retaliates with gunfire.

You can check out the solicitation and preview for Moon Knight #12 below. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, June 22nd.


Written by JED MACKAY



Letters by VC'S CORY PETIT


It all comes down to this: Moon Knight vs. Zodiac in the final struggle for Marc Spector's soul in the Battle of the Midnight Mission.

Excerpt from:
Moon Knight and an Avenger Are in a Race Against an Army of Zombie Moon Knights (Exclusive) -

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