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Some ninjas would thrive in a zombie apocalypse while others would only make things worse.

When thinking about shonen anime or really any kind of action fiction during spooky times such as the Halloween season, it's pretty inevitable that sooner or later the concept of a zombie apocalypse comes to mind. It only makes sense that some of the shows to be considered would beNaruto,Naruto: Shippuden, andBoruto.

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These shows, especially the original andShippuden, are pretty much accepted at this point as being classics of the genre, withBoruto perhaps on its way to the same status. While the show is littered with extremely powerful characters, that doesn't necessarily mean that they'd all work out great on a zombie apocalypse team, so let's go ahead and weigh the options.

Although Shikamaru tends to call himself "the ultimate coward," that's only due to his personal philosophy and really nothing to do with his work ethic or his unflinching loyalty to his friends. Shikamaru wants to live and die unremarkably, but unfortunately for him, he's already proven himself to be a pretty powerful ninja. He is perfectly equipped for a zombie apocalypse withthe ability to manipulate his and others' shadows.In this way, he can quietly dispatch the zombies and controltheir movements as a defensive maneuver.

While Orochimaru has seemed to mellow out in recent yearswith various forms of dangerous and forbidden occult knowledge, he's generally been known for being a pretty volatile character, if not an absolute villain most of the time. There's a reason he lives at the end of the village, which could be a pretty nice advantage since he could stay on the lookout while hopefully looking for the source of the zombie infection in his lab. But it's very unlikely he'd ever mesh well with a team of ninjas.

While Kiba really didn't get nearly as much screen time as he deserved and pretty much got sidelined in the writing pretty early on into the series, he would still make a really decent addition to the zombie apocalypse team.

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While some of Kiba and Akamaru's techniques consist of melee attacks which would generally be a no-go in a zombie apocalypse scenario, they're both pretty powerful. As acanine and a ninja with extra-sharpsenses, the duo would be very useful for search and rescue missions.

There are a few different problems with trying to consider Ebisu for any type of team, let alone one that needs to fit together as tightly as a zombie apocalypse response team. Ebisu is a pretty notorious creep, having been completely disarmed by Naruto's Sexy Jutsu multiple times. Aside from that, for being a teacher of elite ninja, he isn't remarkably powerful. At the end of the day, he'sonly as strong as anyone else who had gone through ninja training for most of their life, being pretty forgettable.

Gaara spent most of the beginning of the show being hard to work with. Aside from the fact that he's difficult, he was kind of out-and-out evil for a lot of the show, as a result of having one of the tailed beasts sealed inside of himand being raisedas a killing machine by his father. Since then, he's completely mellowed out and come into a well-deserved place of power. In addition to his drastic change as a person, he also uses ranged attacks, which means he'd never get close enough to a zombie to be bitten.

Konohamaru has historically just been worse than Naruto. Konohamaru was originally envisioned to be Naruto but brattier, to the point where Kishimoto struggled not to just draw him as Naruto when creating the character.

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Aside from the fact that Konohamaru is a genericversion of Naruto, he really has no interesting techniques of his ownand was insteadhanded the Rasengan without deserving it. Konohamaru's also a past Hokage's grandson, making him incredibly entitled.

While a lot of people tend to inordinately talk trash about Sakura non-stop in online communities, she really should be respected much more than she is. She's one of the best medical ninjas in the entire Naruto universe, which has come in handy more than a few times throughout the course of the shows. Aside from that, she's a pretty caring and kind person, which in addition to her medical expertise, would be incredibly helpful to have on a zombie apocalypse team, regardless of if she could figure out a way to reverse the infection.

Hinata is a part of the prestigious Hyuga clan, but Kishimoto pretty much wrote her into a corner when he passed on the torch of the Hyuga clan to one of Hinata's siblings.

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She's still fairly powerful (other than that time she tragically got Neji killed) but doesn't really do anything in the modern day of the universe other than taking care of Boruto while his father is away on Hokage business ormanagingthings around the house. Hinata shouldn't be faulted for this, but a much more proactive personality is needed during a zombie apocalypse.

Such a list wouldn't be complete without the title character, so here he is. Naruto Uzumaki would be an incredibly advantageous member to have onthe team during a zombie apocalypse for a number of reasons. He's an incredibly well-established leader, well-known for his prowess in battle. He also tends to get along with the worst of people if he needs to, being generally easy-going. There's also the fact that he uses his signature shadow-clone Jutsu frequently, which would not only make for a great decoy system, but he wouldn't even need to attack zombies directly.

Rock Lee is an incredibly kind and determined character in the series, but unfortunately for him, there's just a single glaring issue with having him on the team. It isn't that he wouldn't mesh well with a team made out of various personality types. Rather, the issue is that he isn't particularly skilled with any kind of chakra techniques. Instead of using ninjutsu or genjutsu, Rock Lee relies on taijutsu techniques, which are generally all melee attacks,meaning he's wide open for getting bitten.

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