Netflix Based K-Zombie Horror Title ‘Kingdom: The Blood’ Unveils First Teaser – GLYFE Nation

Action Square is revealing its first look at the upcoming third-person action/K-zombie horror game Kingdom: The Blood. The PC and mobile game are based on the crazy popular Netflix original series, Kingdom.

Action Square is giving a much anticipated first look at its next action-filled multiplayer online game based on the popular Netflix series Kingdom. Today Action Square dropped the first video and illustrations for KINGDOM: The Blood, created for K-zombie fans all over the world.

KINGDOM: The Blood is staying true to the Netflix series with a massive global audience, reminiscing the series central theme of inheriting the royal bloodline. This drove the plot and was a main factor in the zombies going rampant.

KINGDOM: The Blood will be available cross-platform on both PC and mobile. Built on Unreal Engine 4, the third-person action RPG will recreate the world of the original drama with high-quality 3D graphics. The characteristics and fierce battles of the zombies in Kingdom will be made into a high-end action game by using motion capture. Also, KINGDOM: The Blood will be a manual control-based action RPG adding visceral gameplay throughout each stage of the game.

Action Square teamed up with production studio AStory to develop a game using the Netflix Kingdom series. Development began last year.

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Netflix Based K-Zombie Horror Title 'Kingdom: The Blood' Unveils First Teaser - GLYFE Nation

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