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While there are certain members of the One Piece cast who'd do great in the zombie apocalypse, others would just hold their team back.

There are a lot of skills that would really come in handy during a zombie apocalypse. Basic survival skills and the ability to figure out how to live off the land, would definitely be a plus in this situation. Of course, combat skills are a no-brainer, since there will definitely be times when its necessary to fight off zombies.

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While there are certain members of the One Piece cast who have these skills, there are others who would probably hold a group back if they ended up on the team, making them more of a liability than a helpful assetin the zombie apocalypse.

Monkey D. Luffy has a very unique Devil Fruit ability that would come in handy during a zombie apocalypse, bothfor fighting zombies and getting the necessary things needed to survive. Because his body is made of rubber and direct attacks wont cause him pain or injury, Luffy might actually be able to withstand a bite from a zombie, making him imperative for the team. His ability to stretch his body would allow him to grab food or weapons from long distances, keeping his teammates out of danger.

Sabo is a diligent fighter with military training, which would definitely come in handy in a zombie apocalypse situation, since hes disciplined and would be able to take the lead if needed. However, his fighting style requires him to get in very close to his enemies and to use strong grips to submit them. This wouldnt work on a zombie, and it would put him in danger of being bitten, which would take him out of the game pretty early.

Tony Tony Chopper is a great teammate to have in a zombie apocalypse because of his medical abilities.

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While no one would probably be able to stop the effect of a zombie bite, an apocalypse would mean a lack of access to standard medical care, meaning anyone who is sick or injured in some other way would need to be able to find some kind of treatment to get well. Chopper would be a perfect team choice for this reason.

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