Remember When the Tri-City Americans Were on ‘Z Nation’, a Popular Zombie Show? –

The Tri-City Americans played a big role in the SyFy seriesZ Nation.

After the success ofThe Walking Deadon AMC, studios were scrambling to have the next big zombie hit. In the early 2010s, you couldn't escape it. Zombie video games, zombie movies, zombie shows, and of course theWalking Dead comics that inspired the show were everywhere.

Mack Thompson is one of the main characters inZ Nation, and he doesn't have much of a backstory. What viewersdo knowis that he was a hockey player, specifically for the Tri-City Americans. When a zombie outbreak breaches the Spokane Arena during a Chiefs and Americans game, Mack is thrust into action with Jordan Beale, a Chiefs player, to fend off the attack. In a genre that's been milked to death, at least Z Nation can lay claim to the only 'death by ice-skate' I've ever seen on screen.

Mack being a former Tri-City American makes geological sense when you realize the show is set in Spokane. Several movies and TV shows have been filmed in Spokane, including the 2012 remake ofRed Dawn.

If the thought of a Tri-City Americans player fighting off zombies in Spokane excites you, you'll want to check outZ Nation. The good news is that it's streaming right now on Netflix, though I don't know for how long. So if you're interested, don't put it off!

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Remember When the Tri-City Americans Were on 'Z Nation', a Popular Zombie Show? -

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