Survivors vs zombie soldiers in first pics from The Walking Dead season 11 – Winter is Coming

Believe it or not,The Walking Deadis coming to an end with the upcoming 11th season, which will run for a supersized 24 episodes. The first eight will premiere August 22 on AMC, to be followed by two more batches of eight later on. All told, the whole thing will be wrapped up by fall of 2022.

Thats according toEntertainment Weekly, which got its hands on the first images from the shows final season. While the bonus six episodes of season 10 kept things pretty intimate on account of COVID-19 conditions, season 11 will give us scale as our survivors deal with the Commonwealth, the most advanced civilization theyve encountered so far.

Take a look at the three new images below:

First up weve gotRosita (Christian Serratos), Lydia (Cassady McClincy) Carol (Melissa McBride), and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) fighting zombie soldiers near a helicopter in what looks like a hanger space. The next shows a better angle on the foursome after theyve taken care of business, and how.

Who are these soldiers? Are they from the Commonwealth or the Civic Republic Military, another civilization the show introduced a few seasons ago? We all remember when Rick was carried away in a CRM helicopter? Helicopters have been a red flag ever since.

Finally, we have Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) beating the stuff out of a walker with a crowbar, he having burned his infamous baseball bat Lucille in the finale of season 10, Heres Negan.

Its hard to believeThe Walking Deadis really ending after over a decade on the air. But dont worry, the franchise isnt going anywherefor better or worse.

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Survivors vs zombie soldiers in first pics from The Walking Dead season 11 - Winter is Coming

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