Thai woman dresses up as a zombie to sell clothes of the dead on Halloween – Gulf Today

Online clothes seller, Kanittha Thongnak, 32, applies zombie makeup.

Niloufar Saleem, Staff Reporter

Thirty-two-year-old Kanittha Thongnak, a Thai woman who is a renowned retailer, uses social media to dress up as a zombie and sell clothes of the dead.

She live-streams her spooky make-up skills by donning the clothes and has garnered thousands of followers on her account for her unusual way of selling.

The Thai artist-cum-retailer takes hours to recreate how each of the dead people have died with her make-up and her followers love her late night spooky session.

"All the clothes belong to dead people who died from different causes," Kanittha told the media while preparing for her weekly Facebook Live session at her home in Phetchabun, northern Thailand.

Kanittha Thongnak, 32, livestreams selling dead people's clothes in zombiemakeup in Bangkok.

"Since I started to wear scary make-up, the audience increased to five or six thousand."

The sales tap into a fascination among many Thais in horror films and ghosts and a common belief in spirits, with the zombie presentation generating interest in items sold at relatively low prices, including brand names.

Kanittha, who learned the make-up skills on the internet, sells clothing items for anything up to 100 baht ($3.2).

She first got the idea while attending a funeral, where she saw clothes of the deceased burned, in accordance with tradition.

"I bought the clothes before, including the one I'm wearing now," said Anu Kaewsom, one of Kanittha's most loyal customers, who also buys for her husband.


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Thai woman dresses up as a zombie to sell clothes of the dead on Halloween - Gulf Today

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