The Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2022 is here! – 94.5 PST

Spooky season is approaching soon and Asbury Park is ready to celebrate. If you know anything about me, I love Halloween.

Its my favorite holiday and every year I do everything I can to make it out to some of the best Halloween-themed events all over the area.

This year though, the Asbury Park Zombie Walk is on my list to witness and this event looks like a super awesome way to celebrate Spooky Season.

This event goes on every year and attendees walk up and down the boardwalk throughout Asbury Park dressed as Zombies. The walk itself has been going in for quite some time now. It was founded in 2008 and this walk is its 14th year!

If you arent entirely familiar with the Asbury Park Zombie Walk, every single year zombies in costume and in character gather down the shore to participate in the world's largest event of its kind in the entire country.

This event has broken Guinness World Records back in 2010 and 2013 for breaking the record for Worlds Largest Gathering of Zombies. All of the zombies will meet at the boardwalk, ready to spread some spooky energy just in time for the Halloween season.

Usually, the zombie walk ends at a bar or an after-party. This year itll end at the famous Johnny Macs in Asbury! The Asbury Park Zombie Walk is open for all ages and is happening on October 1, starting at 1.

There will also be a costume contest starting at 3 and the entire walk will wrap up at Johnny Macs around 6 pm. This event is totally free so just bring your best costume and good vibes!

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The Asbury Park Zombie Walk 2022 is here! - 94.5 PST

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