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Move over suave vampires. Take a seat charismatic serial killers. Step aside child-possessing demonic spirits. It's zombie time. Ghouls and goblins are all well and good, but there's something uniquely visceral about a shambling corpse that keeps us coming back for more. The horror genre has always been an affecting and plentiful medium for confronting the indelible, inconvenient truth that we're all going to die someday. Illness, plague, contagions, and the unquiet dead are a surefire way to stare our mortality in the face. And if we happen to get a morbid, gory kick out of it along the way, all the better.

These days zombie films come in all shapes, sizes, speeds, and creeds. Some members of the walking dead can speak and reason. Others shamble and stumble with the elegance and grace of a blind-folded ostrich. Some zombies are literally reanimated corpses while others are merely zombie-like, ravaged by mysterious illnesses and starring down the barrel of a violent, bloody death.

If watching the dead rise, raise hell, and sink their teeth into their fellow man gets you going, you are truly spoiled for choice. There are plenty of zombie films out there, but knowing where to direct all that undead enthusiasm can be a bit tricky. Luckily for you, we've combed through Hulu's library to assemble the best zombie movies for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and remember not to get within biting distance.

Updated on October 8, 2021: If you can't get enough of the living dead, then be sure to check back here each month. As zombie films stagger in and out of Hulu, we'll keep you up to date on all the undead action.

A plague known as the "Maze Virus" has swept through Europe, leaving the infected in a homicidal, zombie-like state. Ireland was hit especially hard, and while a cure was discovered, 25% of the stricken population are resistant. Thus, the creation of two stratified groups:the Cured and the Infected, who are held in captivity for fear of another outbreak. An intimate and contagiously passionate look at what happens when the undead return to life, "The Cured" is a performance-driven spin on what it might look like to pick up the pieces after a zombie outbreak.

A foul-mouthed, washed-up musician, a children's television personality, and a cheerful kindergarten teacher team up to protect a group of young schoolchildren during an unexpected zombie outbreak. A hilarious, delightful, and contagiously energetic Aussie offering, "Little Monsters" is a newer entry in the ever-growing roster of zombie romantic comedies (zom-rom-coms). As if we needed more proof that elementary school teachers are the best.

Six best friends enjoying a Fourth of July holiday end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Which is to say smack dab in the thrall of an insidious terrorist attack centered around a drug that transforms users into bloodthirsty cannibals. Vibing in the same space as "Cabin Fever" and "28 Days Later," here's a film with further proof that secluded cabins in the woods and tainted narcotics are a match made in flesh-munching hell.

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The Best Zombie Movies On Hulu [October 2021] - Looper

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