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Back 4 Blood is a lot like Left 4 Dead. Both games feature first-person shootin, online co-op action, and tons of zombies. Even the names are very similar! These similarities are completely by design as Turtle Rock Studios, the devs behind Back 4 Blood, are the same folks who developed the original Left 4 Dead with support from Valve. While Valve is busy creating a handheld console, Turtle Rock has decided to make a new Left 4 Dead game even if they dont own the franchise or IP anymore.

So, thats how you end up with a game that is a lot like Left 4 Dead, even down to safe rooms plastered with notes and graffiti, not all of which feel quite like the desperate scrawls of zombie apocalypse survivors. Ive been playing the Back 4 Blood beta over the last few days and have taken the time to screenshot as many of these notes and messages as I could find. The beta is only a select slice of the full game, so I expect there will be even more messages to find once Back 4 Blood comes out this October.

But for now, here are some of the sticky notes, messages, and spray-painted communications Ive spotted after playing Back 4 Bloods beta on PS5.

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The Best Zombie Safe Room Notes In The Back 4 Blood Beta - Kotaku

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