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In the world of Marvel Zombies: Resurrection, a group of survivors has found a way to grant immunity to the virus, but the cure may be even worse.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel Zombies Resurrection #2 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Leonard Kirk, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrectionreintroduces the idea of the residents of the Marvel Zombies universe being changed into flesh-eating zombies. While this is one of the worst things that could happen to a person, this terrifying world has just introduced a method to ensure that a person is rendered immune to the effects of the virus. Unfortunately, as the latest issue ofResurrectiondemonstrates, the "vaccine" may be even worse than the infection.

Peter Parker, Valeria and Franklin Richards, and Blade are all flying over the Phalanx Wall atop their reprogrammed Sentinel caregiver, Nana. As they take in the sights and discuss their different motivations for being together on the journey, the group is attacked by a zombified Alpha Flight, and make a crash landing just outside the wall. Before they can be swarmed by the undead, a Nimrod and several other Ennows (non-organics as explained by Blade) show up to offer assistance. Among the Ennows are Viv Vision, Strong Guy, and Frank Castle, although the latter two seem a bit different than their usual selves.

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While Nana is taken away for repairs, the rest of the group are led inside by Viv and Frank. It is apparent that former heroes and villains have been infected by the Transmode Virus and are now Phalanx machines, but what isn't so clear is how this happened, and Frank is more than happy to explain. He tells Peter and Blade that the risk of being "respawned" was too great, with more and more superpowered zombies showing up every day. In order to preemptively combat this, Frank and others opted to be voluntarily infected with the Transmode Virus. Because the zombie parasite can only infect organic matter, being made a machine was the only way to absolutely guarantee that they would never succumb to the undead hordes in that way.

This doesn't sit well with Blade, especially when Frank says that not everyone who underwent the process did so willingly. The group realizes the truth of the statement firsthand as they are suddenly locked behind a barrier in preparation to be assimilated against their will.

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While it is true that being infected by the Transmode Virus would indeed keep them from ever becoming zombies, assimilation into the ranks of the Phalanx is far from a good thing. The Phalanx and Transmode Virus have been portrayed as the worst fate possible for humanity as seen in in Jonathan Hickman, R. B. Silva, and Pepe Larraz'sPowers of X.While the Phalanx may offer a reprieve from being transformed into a flesh-eating monster, acceptance of their cure means leaving humanity behind and becoming a part of a robot hive mind that may eventually overtake the planet.

All of this leaves several interesting avenues for theMarvel Zombies universe to explore in the future. AssumingMarvel Zombies: Resurrection isn't the last title in the franchise, and that the Phalanx aren't going to be completely obliterated somehow in the final issues, it will be exciting to see what kind of influence they have in the stories to come.

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