The Munsters: Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at Spooky Costumes and Herman Munsters Makeup – Variety

Filmmaker and musician Rob Zombie has been sharing plans for his upcoming release, the big-screen adaptation of The Munsters.

Since announcing the news via his Instagram page on June 7 that he would be writing and helming the film based on the 60s sitcom about a family of friendly monsters, Zombie has revealed that he will be constructing all of Mockingbird Lane.

Earlier, he posted the blueprint for the Munster Mansion and the construction plan, complete with measurements and stylistic notes. He wrote, The blueprints are done! Time to start the construction. Get ready for the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact.

His most recent insight showed a dirt road in Budapest, Hungary where the production is being filmed. The original Munsters house used in the 1964-66 series, located at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, was an exterior set at Universal Studios.

Zombie posted a short video showing what the actual street will look like once its built using computer graphics. We arent just building the Munsters house. We are building all of Mockingbird Heights! Its a big job, but somebodys got to do it, he wrote.

He has also shared insight into the costume design of the film, teasing sketches of what Lily and Herman Munster wear to bed. While the costume designer has not yet been revealed, the detailed look included a description of Hermans nightgown complete with skull buttons, while spiderweb embroidery finishes Lilys floor-length robe. Zombie wrote, What do Herman and Lily wear to bed? Perhaps something like this! Check out some wardrobe designs by our amazing costume designers.

Its not just the house and wardrobe Zombie has shared. He provided a teaser of Grandpa Munster. The wig work has begun! Can anyone guess which character this is? Obviously, you can.

Zombie has also provided the first look at the dramatic design for Herman Munsters forehead. He posted, The clay is out and the sculpting has begun on a very prominent brow for THE MUNSTERS.

While no casting details have been revealed, the film follows a family of benign monsters who relocate from Transylvania to the American suburbs. It is set up at Universal Studios 1440 Entertainment division.

Zombie began directing horror films in the early 2000s, most notably House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects and the 2007 reimagining of John Carpenters Halloween as well as its sequel, Halloween II.

The Munsters: Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at Spooky Costumes and Herman Munsters Makeup - Variety

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