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Rock out with your clock out.

Its hard to believe that Rob Zombies prequel to The Munsters is finally landing on Blu-ray and Netflix in just a few weeks. The film has been hotly anticipated since it was announced spring of last year. And ever since then, director Rob Zombie has done a great job at keeping fans looped into every step in his spooky process. From location scouting to casting, to production, weve been privy to just about everything along the Mockingbird way.

For the first time in ages, weve landed word of yet another icon making a cameo appearance in the new film. Like with all previous updates, Zombie took to Instagram to share the news. Rock music icon Fred Courey will be lending his vocal talents to the production. Youll remember Courey as the drummer from 1980s rock outfit Cinderella, a multi-platinum group who took the decade by storm. After Coureys time with Cinderella, he joined the popular group Arcade.

Now the rock legend is lending his talents to a very different project. He will be playing the role of the voice of the raven in The Munsters grandfather clock. According to Zombie, the drummer is actually quite the vocal impressionist. Who is the voice of the raven in the Munsters clock? Zombies status reads. Well, its my pal@fredcoury. Yep, bet you didnt know the drummer from Cinderella is a master impressionist.

Rob Zombie has been posting updates from the hotly anticipated film for months now, sharing countless BTS gems of his cast. You check out all of our updates onThe Munstersright here.

The Munsters land on Netflix and Blu-ray on September 27th!

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The Munsters: This Rock Legend Is Making An Unexpected Cameo in Rob Zombies Prequel - Dread Central

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