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Fans have been criticizing the undead's declining importance in The Walking Dead for years, but World Beyond truly makes zombies an afterthought.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond has turned the franchise's zombies from an ever-present threat to a mere inconvenience.The Walking Deadmay be the most popular and successful zombie-based TV series of all time, but Robert Kirkman's story has always been more about the human characters than the undead. This became increasingly apparent as the seasons progressed and Rick's group transitioned from the wilderness to the safety of Alexandria.The Walking Deadattracted criticism for sidelining the zombies during the "All Out War" arc, but the accusations weren't entirely deserved. The arrival of the Whisperers gave the undead a new lease of life, andThe Walking Dead has reliably delivered innovative zombie set pieces.

The Walking Dead's second spin-off,World Beyond, begins with a quartet of teenagers departing from the 10,000-strong Campus Colony to search for a scientist poached by the Civic Republic. Little do they know that the CRM (Civic Republic Military) wipe out their home mere moments after their departure. Led by Iris, the kids are relatively unaccustomed to seeing zombies in the (rotting) flesh, more familiar with high schools, illicit parties and field trips, but as they head to New York City, the sheltered youngsters are forced to grow up quickly in the harsh environment of the zombie apocalypse.

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WhereThe Walking Dead has previously been attacked for making the show's zombies less important,the undead are virtually anonymous inWorld Beyond. The first zombie Iris' group encounter is treated as an experiment rather than a threat. Iris tries to prove herself by attacking the creature alone, refusing help from her friends, all of whom show roughlyas much fear as a grown man watchingCasper. Iris is ultimately unable to kill the zombie - instead she throws up on it and walks away with the creature still writhing.The Walking Dead: World Beyond's zombies only get worse from there. When one of the undead approaches the group's treehouse camp, the hormonal heroes decide to ignore it, like next door's cat begging for scraps. The gang loudly play bowling in the middle of the street, and when approaching a tire field full of undead, the zombies are presented as an inconvenient obstacle rather than a deadly disaster.

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The Walking Dead Has Finally Made The Zombies An Afterthought - Screen Rant

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