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The Walking Dead Onslaught (2020)launched onto PSVR and PC headsets late last month to less than glowing reviews. Developers Survios arent giving up on the single player zombie shooter though, as the studio has released a new patch that aims to rebalance zombies, weapons, and the games combat system.

Theres a long list of changes (seen below) that are now live on all versions of the game. Survios says the patch was created tohelp players achieve our goal of walker-slaying fun.

Since its September 29th launch, user reviews havent been super consistent across the board. At the time of this writing, The Walking Dead Onslaught is sitting [3/5] stars on the Oculus Store, a more positive [4/5] stars on the PlayStation Store, and undoubtedly the worst over on Steamat Mostly Negative user reviews.

In our own review we gave it a [4/10] for being too grindy, and not presenting enough of a challenge when it comes to zombie-killing action. In short, the shambolic goons felt more like generic bullet sponges than identifiably different classes of zombies, and the one-way run and gun levels, although beautiful, felt like distractions to the games overall story, narrated by Daryl Dixon (reprised by Norman Reedus).

With the rebalance, Survios seems to be trying to reframe zombie encounters to be more deadly, and therefore more important obstacles to the main task of running and scrounging. Anyway, check out the full update list below, provided by Survios via Steam.

1) Significant Ranged Weapon Combat Overhaul

2) Significant Melee Weapon Combat Overhaul

3) Walker Aggression and Difficulty Increased

4) Progression Has Been Eased

5) Additional Changes

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The Walking Dead Onslaught Update Aims to Rebalance Weapons, Zombies & Combat - Road to VR

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