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Is anyone else feeling some anxiety with regards to our Mandalorians decision-making? This week, he brings the Yoda Baby on a reckless adventure with very shady sidekicks. Its just very irresponsible parenting, to be honest.

But hey, more fun guest stars.

Heres your spoiler warning.

The Mandalorian, Disney+

Chapter six of The Mandalorian is called The Prisoner because Mando (Im still struggling with this nicknameis every Mandalorian called Mando?) our Mandalorian accepts a job from Space Santa, officially known as Ranzar Malk (played by Patriots Mark Boone Junior), to release a prisoner from a New Republic prison ship.

Were not really given a backstory into why he chose to go meet up with this dude from his past but its immediately clear that he walked into a hostile environment.

Usually in an ensemble heist situation, were introduced to a ragtag crew of lovable characters with specific skills, but here its just a list of annoying enemies.

Theres Mayfeld (played by Bill Burr), who will be running point on the operation because Space Santa is retired. Then theres a Twilek named Xian (played by Game of Thrones Natalia Tena), who likes to do a full-body hiss and play with her knives, which I can appreciate. Theres the droid Zero (played by Apple Onions Richard Ayoade), who is a droid so our Mandalorian already dislikes him for reasons that havent been explained yet. And then theres Burg (Clone Wars Clancy Brown), who Mayfeld immediately insults for his looks.

(Also, why do guys do this to their friends? Im genuinely asking. Why do you guys insult each other all the time? I cant imagine introducing my girlfriends and being like, This is Sally, shes our DD tonight, and that ugly slut is Jane, who has promised to buy the first round)

Its like Guardians of the Galaxy meets Suicide Squad.

The Mandalorian, Disney+

Sowhen our Mandalorian accepted Space Santas job, he was under the impression that his Razor Crest wouldnt be part of the deal. In other words, his plan was to again just leave the Yoda Baby alone on the ship and then fly off to some illegal and dangerous mission?

Instead, hes surprised when all these greedy criminals, one of whom already bears a grudge (Xian, who also maybe used to have a sexual history) board his ship and fly it and the Yoda Baby into harms way.

And, like, literally the only thing keeping the baby hidden was a button? Which Burg immediately pushes during a skirmish where he tried to take off Mandos helmet.

The only good thing about all this was Bill Burrs reaction:

What is that? Did you guys make that thing? Is it like a pet?

The Mandalorian, Disney+

Just like in previous episodes, the Yoda Babys race is rare none of these scoundrels recognize him or register his significance other than sensing hes important to Mando. The Yoda Baby is then dropped again when the Razor Crest is yanked out of hyperspace and docked on the prison ship.

This kid is going to need a therapist, I swear.

The Mandalorian, Disney+

The distraction is enough to move the crew into the bulk of the episode. They board the prison ship, which is supposed to be manned by droids only. Our Mandalorian proves himself by taking out the first wave of them. Within the control room, however, they discover a young New Republic prison ward.

Unfortunately for this kid, he becomes collateral damage (RIP Matt Lanter), but not before activating a New Republic distress call. Now weve got a ticking clock, spurring the group into action.

They find their prisoner, another TwiLek named Qin (played by Berlin Stations Ismael Cruz Cordova), who is Xians brother stranded there by Mando. The crew rescue Qin and shove Mando into his cell, which actually made things interesting.

Would the crew take off with the Yoda Baby in the Razor Crest, leaving Mando locked in a New Republic prison? Potentially forcing him to team up with them as he builds toward the season finale?

Oh. No. He busts out in two seconds. He busts out so quickly that hes able to also track down and imprison each of the other crew members before they were able to reach the ship?

Holy crap, hes so cute.

The Mandalorian, Disney+

Speaking of which, back on the Razor Crest, Zero has learned that the Yoda Baby is an expensive asset and sets off to hunt him. Right before hes able to shoot the child, the Yoda Baby readies his adorable little Force powers and BOOM the droid drops.

Cute moment when the Yoda Baby thinks he did it, only to reveal that Mando is standing behind the droid, having just shot him.

This leaves Qin, who tells Mando hell go clean and urges the bounty hunter to just do his job and deliver the bounty.

I was kind of hoping to see the TwiLek in carbonite but apparently it wasnt necessary.

Mando delivers Qin to Space Santa, who abides by the no questions asked policy with regards to the missing crew, and takes off.

As he leaves, Space Santa orders an attack ship to kill him

but in a fun twist, Qin discovers the New Republic distress beacon on his person right before an echelon of X-Wings drop out of hyperspace and destroy the ship.

With two episodes left, I still have no idea where this show is going. Its a fun ride but Id love to see some more mystery and back story. What do you think?

Reminder, Chapter 7 will air on Wednesday, December 18, because Rise of Skywalker will open on December 19 and people will be busy all weekend watching that.

See you then.

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