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Zombie movies have been a huge part of the horror genre for a long time, but the last decade has seen more undead TV and movies than ever before. The huge success of The Walking Dead brought flesh-eating zombies into the mainstream, but with zombies seemingly everywhere, it's been increasingly difficult for filmmakers to find something interesting and new to do with the undead.

But that's not to say there aren't still inventive and successful zombie films being made, and 2016's Train to Busan is one of the best recent examples. It was directed by South Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho, and was a massive hit in his homeland, where it became the highest-grossing film of 2016. It currently stands as the 14th most successful South Korean movie of all time, and in the US, it was released to rave reviews and can now be found on Netflix.

Train to Busan's basic set-up is familiar--a biological leak from a factory causes an infection that turns people into running, snarling, flesh-eating zombies. As the title suggests, the action is set almost entirely on a high-speed train, allowing Sang-ho to create some exciting, scary, and inventive horror sequences. The relentless pace and thrilling action were matched by an impressive level of characterization, with the cast of characters you actually care about and some moments of genuine emotional power.

An animated prequel titled Seoul Station was released in 2017, and later this year, the much-anticipated live-action sequel Peninsula arrives. From the trailers released so far, it looks like this follow-up will expand the scope of the first movie, and we can expect it to be every bit as exciting, gory, and action-packed as its predecessor. So while we wait for Peninsula to arrive, you can watch the original Train to Busan on Netflix, and check out our ranking of the movie's wildest, scariest, and craziest scenes.

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Train To Busan On Netflix: Ranking The Korean Zombie Movie's 12 Most Shocking Scenes - GameSpot

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