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One of the world's most popular cable television shows that centers around a zombie invasion of the United States has just started filming its final season. This fact got me wondering what the good people of southern Idaho might first reach for if they ever found their way to Twin Falls.

Just so I don't give away any potential spoiler to a fan who isn't quite caught up with The Walking Dead, let me just say that I never made it past episode five of season nine, when it was presumed a certain gun slinging character met his/her demise. I watched the show religiously for years, but haven't been able to find the time to finish seasons nine or ten.

If you haven't heard, the show's 11th, and final season, just began filming recently, according to the program's Twitter page. Producers have been posting pictures from various film sites and promoting its last season. A trailer for the final season was uploaded to YouTube on January 7, 2021.

If it were my street being overrun by zombies, I'd keep things simple at first. I don't own any fancy weapons such as an ArmaLite Rifle (AR), and seeing as I'm a revolver kind of guy, I'd reach for my Taurus .357 MAG. I'd pack my machete and bowie knife-- the bowie knife I lovingly refer to as "Ike,"--and prepare to protect my family.

Some people might reach for a bottle of whiskey, or the keys to their 702-horsepower RAM 1500 TRX, which are both acceptable options given the stressful nature of a hypothetical zombie invasion, but weaponizing my home would be my first inclination.

Once again, I draw inspiration from the upcoming final season of the Walking Dead when I ask the people of Twin Falls this question. What's the first thing you would grab if the zombies came clawing on your door?

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What's The 1st Thing You'd Grab If Zombies Invaded Twin Falls? - kezj.com

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