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From The Walking Dead to World War Z, Hollywood is filled with a variety of zombies, all fitting into the unique personalities of astrological signs.

One of the most iconic villains inthe horror genre, zombies have shambled, sprinted, and howled their wayto the forefrontofcountless films and television series, beginning with George A. Romero'sinfamousNight of the Living Dead.Though they have roots in Brazilian, West African, and Haitian folklore, it was the 1968 film that created the decaying image of the undead that fans have grown to love and fear.

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In the decades since, zombies have taken on many different forms, from the rage-filled zombies of28 Days Later,to the shuffling zombies ofThe Walking Dead,and even the human-like zombies featured in series likeiZombie. With so many types of zombies, theyhave been shown to have a variety of personalities and unique traits, many of which correspond to astrological signs.

Viral zombies like the kind found in movies like28 Days Laterand28 Weeks Laterare created by some sort of viral infection, such as the Rage Virus being released into an unsuspecting population in London in the popular franchise.

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Unlike typical reanimated corpses, viral zombies are often faster, stronger, and more violent. Like most Aries, they're mavericks that can track humans and attack them from a full sprint. Their ability to run at a victim in a "blind rage" separates them from typical zombies and makes them a leader among the undead.

Urbane zombies, like those found inzombie comediessuch asShaun of the DeadandZombieland,can be difficult to classify as zombies because they often still appear to have characteristics of their pre-undead selves. They are found in urban environments that have often been overrun with zombies, and have to be put out of their misery by loved ones.

Like any Taurus, an urbane zombie might invite you into their home if they like you enough (like Bill Murray's character inZombieland,orNick Frost'scharacter inShaun of the Dead),only to aggressively turn on you later. This usually makes interactions awkward, and almost always results in the urbane zombie needing to be put down unless they're kept somewhere secure.

Brooks zombies, named after the author Max Brooks whose novel inspired World War Z,are similar to the28 Days Laterzombies in that they are incredibly dangerous and fast-moving, but have very little regard for their own welfare when it comes to biting a potential victim.

Brooks zombies are single-minded, and like Gemini, sometimes seem capricious and superficial. They don't care about consuming victims or anything typically associated with zombies they simply want to spread the rate of infection until the entire world is turned into a teeming horde.

A curious variety of zombie, the MemoryzZombies from iZombieare made by one consuming a mixture of the energy drink Max Rager and the drug Utopium, resulting in the victim being turned into a zombie that abruptly must eat brains to stay alive. If they don't, they'll continue to decompose.

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Memory zombies retain the memories of the victims' brains they consume, which sometimes alters their personalities. But like most Cancers, they remain highly emotional, susceptible to others' emotions, moody, and volatile.

George A. Romero made a follow-up to his classicNight of the Living Deadin the late '70s calledDawn of the Dead,which saw victims trapped in a shopping mall by zombies, forced to use the mall's resources to battle the encroaching hordes. As well as being a frightening zombie film, Dawn of the Deadwas a fierce critique of capitalism.

Mimic zombies first appeared in Romero's sequel where, like Leos, they appeared to be creative and a little more intuitive than their laconic predecessors. They tended to continue to do whatever they'd done while alive,such as wander around a shopping mall.

The long-runningResident Evilfilm franchiseintroduced the concept of test-tube zombies, created by exposure to the T-Virus, which was developed by the insidious Umbrella Corporation as a biological weapon. Their zombies were reliably aggressive and could be altered to meet a growing list of demands.

The test-tube zombies became a reflection of their creators, who like many Virgos were innovative and prudent. Each new zombie created by Umbrella Corp was more deadly than the last, echoing a Virgo's insatiable need for perfection.

When a terrifying plague creates a division between zombies and humans in Warm Bodies, a zombie like R gets created. He can't help but defend a defenseless living woman when his undead brethren attack her, and his heroic gesture becomes the first step towards a unique relationship.

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R is similar to most Libra in that he is a romantic at heart and proves that love conquers all when hisromantic feelings grow and he becomes more human. His Libra-esque idealistic and peaceable nature inspire away to transforma lifeless world.

George A. Romero's fifth film in hisNight of the Living Deadfranchise was released in 2005. Land of the Deademphasized a disparity between the haves and the have-nots when zombies outnumber humans and they must survive in a feudal society. The zombies are more intelligent in the film than any seen in Romero's previous works, and are able to adapt and evolve.

Dynamic like most Scorpios, the primary antagonist of the film was a brutish zombie named Big Daddy, whose magnetism and intelligence drew thousands of zombies to him. He was able to figure out how automatic weapons worked, arming his hordes to take on the last of the human race.

In the cult classicFido,the zombie threat has been put under control thanks to the ZomCon Corp, a federally funded entity that turns them into menial laborers, security, and pets for humans. In a small town, a young boy decides to befriend his family's zombie and name it Fido, and the zombie develops a personality all its own.

Like many Sagittarius, heroic zombies like Fidomarch to the beat of their own drum. They won't be stopped from living their best (un)lives. They are optimistic, loving, and resist conformity.

From one of the most popular zombie franchises in existence, walkers were introduced in The Walking Deadasrelentless in their pursuit of human flesh. Walkers were most formidable in numbers and were incredibly durable,able to take a lot of abuse. Some versions, called blue walkers, have a bluish skin tone and the only type of meat they'll eat is blue brain.

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Like Capricorns, walkers are practical, prudent, and traditional. Their cinematic ancestors were featured in George A. Romero's iconicNight of the Living Dead, and have become affectionately known as"Romeros." They are known for their slow and methodical approach to everything, and are plenty patient enough to wait out their prey.

It's difficult to classify a series likeSanta Clarita Dietconsidering it combines both slapstick comedy and gross-out horror,but its ingenious premise has a lot of heart and brains. Drew Barrymore'szombie protagonist goes against type and is so humane she almost doesn't seem like a zombie at all.

Thischeery real estate agent does eat brains, but much like an Aquarius, she's a free spirit who prides herself on retaining some aspect of the individuality she had as a living person. The flair she produces makes her memorable and significant in the minds of even the most voracious consumers of the zombie genre.

Supernatural zombies came about from films likeREC,which focused on a priest who unknowingly released a curse while trying to perform an exorcism, making the demonic possession suddenly contagious. They can be attacked or stopped with supernatural or religious defenses.

Pisces, though often daydreamers and philosophers, can be gullible and easily led. That's why, much like supernatural zombies, they can be controlled or manipulated by someone who creates them, from priests to powerful necromancers.

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