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Rob Zombie has built a strong career as a horror filmmaker, but he often tries to defy horror tropes, like the death of the final girl.

Rob Zombie has made a major impression on the horror industry with his tendency to go against the grain, like with his treatment of final girls many of them get killed off in the director's movies.

There are many modern horror filmmakers who have found ways to shake up the genre. Rob Zombies track record is far from flawless, but hes undeniably someone with a distinct voice that hes been able to communicate through his bodies of work. Rob Zombies roots come from music videos, but hes always had a deep passion toward horror, which became very clear with his impressive debut picture, House of 1000 Corpses.

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Rob Zombies movies want to scare and disturb their audience, but on some level, they also want to prove just how much the director understands and loves the horror genre. Zombie repeatedly pays tribute toward and re-contextualizes classic horror tropes in an attempt to gain ownership of the genre. One of the longest-standing horror standards is the tradition of the final girl, yet even this is something that Zombie defies. Instead, he chooses to throw his leading ladies into harms way and, more importantly, they don't always survive.

Zombies House of 1000 Corpses is very indebted to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise;its ending pays reference to the original movies powerful conclusion. Zombie takes this note of uncertainty and pushes into terror when he shows that his movie's final girl doesnt get to escape from all of her pain after all. Its certainly a final tag that comes as a shock. The fate of Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), the main character in the Lords of Salem, is a little more ambiguous, but it's certainly not optimistic. Heidi succumbs to Satanic forces and gives birth to a demonic creature. The ritual results in mass suicides, but Heidi disappears, which likely means she was consumed by the creature or remains a sacrificial cult figure.

Why Rob Zombie Horror Movies Often Kill Off The Final Girl - Screen Rant

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