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Yeon Sang-ho has discussed his plans for Season 2 of the Netflix hit Hellbound. The demon-hunting series has become one of the most-watched series on the streaming platform in multiple countries. Yeon Sang-ho created and directed the hit series. He also directed the zombie mega-hitsTrain to Busan andPeninsula. The seriesHellbound originally started as a short animation in 2002. It was followed by a webtoon on Naver withHellboundco-creator Choi Kyu-sok. Sang-ho and Kyu-sok wanted to make it into a live-action series for many years and got that opportunity with Netflix.Hellbound has even surpassedSquid Games record. Sang-ho doesnt mind the comparison between his series andSquid Gamebut thinks they are unique in their own way.

TheHellbound co-creator said that experience with Netflix while making the series was enjoyable. The director ofTrain to Busan wants a different approach for Season 2 of Hellbound.Netflix let him see his creative vision through. Choi Kyu-Seok and Yeon Sang-ho want to continue the Hellbound story as a webtoon first. Yeon Sang-ho has stated that there needs to be further discussion with Netflix for the future of Hellbound. He knows what his plans are forTrain to Busan.

Train to Busan changed how audiences viewed zombie movies. Sang-ho talked about zombie movies commenting, I believe that the zombie genre is very traditional but at the same time, depending on what you bring to that, it can be completely new. Yeon Sang-ho already has ideas brewing for life afterPeninsula. He does not seeTrain to Busan doing well as a television adaptation. The creator ofNetflixsHellbound knows that he wants to turn the zombie movies into a film series. The story that Im thinking about after that would be closer to Train to Busan, where the story will be carried out in a small and restricted space, Yeon Sang-ho said regarding the third installment.

No matter what Yeon Sang-ho comes up with, he has made many fans that look forward to his future work.

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Yeon Sang-ho Talks Season 2 of 'Hellbound' and Third Zombie Movie - - The Nerd Stash

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