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Rebellion Developments revealed brand new content for Season Two of Zombie Army 4 today as we head to Damnation Valley. It's been a minute since we heard anything about the game as they made their way through the first season of content. Now Season Two kicks off today and wastes little time throwing you into the pits of hell as they can only be crafted by german scientists on Earth during an alternative World War II. The new season includes hordes of new content across all platforms which includes a new campaign mission, a new free map, and additional cosmetics. You can check out the details below along with screenshots and a trailer showing it all off. And be sure to look out for Season Three, which will launch in 2021.

In Damnation Valley, you and your fellow survivors must battle through the frozen climes of the North towards a Hell Storm that's been newly sighted above the Alps. The satanic portal is colossal, writhing with occult energy, making the facility lying beneath it all the more sinister. Damnation Valley is the debut mission in the newDeath From Abovethree-part campaign. The second and third missions will arrive in the coming months. Check out today's brand new launch trailer for a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect

A new Horde map also launches as part of today's update and it's FREE. Tons of brand new content also arrives today, available individually or with Zombie Army 4: Season Pass Two. Today's new content drop includes:

Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform Character

Halloween Headgear Bundle

Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle

Occult Ritual Weapon Skins

Halloween Charm Pack.

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Zombie Army 4 Is Headed To The Damnation Valley - Bleeding Cool News

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