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On this Ruminant, Jonah explicates the sadly prominent antisemitism in the gaps theory of political history on both the left and right, his proud status as an ideologue of the lukewarmist school, and the GOPs inability to take yes for an answer on winning cultural issues against the American left. He also touches on how the GameStop kerfuffle is really just a case where the market should be left to sort it out, and how it isnt some kind of refutation of libertarian economics, in addition to pondering the ways that the virtual world has started to rewire our brains.

Show Notes:

-This weeks G-File

-Iranian conspiracies about the British

-A lukewarmer

-David French: An ocean of possibility for a reasonable GOP

-Madison Cawthorns staff is built around comms, not legislation

-A Remnant starter on impeachment

-The members-only midweek newsletter

-Every kiss begins with Kay

-The LeafFilter commercial

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Zombie-Bite Politics - The Dispatch - The Dispatch

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