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This four-minute movie from cat treats brand TEMPTATIONS, conceived by London ad agency adam&eveDDB, follows a cat through a haunted houseuntil the story culminates in the kitchen with the felines worst fear--a cucumber. The story was inspired by the countless internet videos of cats being truly startled by these seemingly ordinary vegetables.

The TEMPTATIONS brand worked with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute to enhance Scaredy Cat--the first ever horror movie for cats--with specific sound frequencies that will capture felines attention, making this a motion picture truly designed for cats.

The movie was produced by Zombie Studio and Blinkink with Paulo Garcia serving as director and Luiza Queiroz as co-director.

Zombie crafted a stop motion set and seamlessly composited their CG character into it, taking the viewer for a ride with world-class 3D animation, cinematic atmosphere and incredible sound design.

The promotional campaign for the movie was developed to mimic a blockbuster movie launch, including a teaser trailer, movie reviews from famous cat influencers, an IMDB page and a Friday night movie premiere, as well as organic social content from the brands channels, custom content from cat influencers and PR support. In addition to the YouTube premiere, the movie has been made available to viewers on Amazon Fire TV and through a paid promotion with Roku devices.

To celebrate the Halloween season, the brand also released limited-edition TEMPTATIONS Creepy Catnip Treats, which are the perfect snack for a Scaredy Cat movie night.

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Zombie/Blinkink, adam&eveDDB, TEMPTATIONS Team On Horror Movie For Cats - SHOOT Online

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