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Friday, 15 January 2021, 3:44 pmArticle: Dr Nayvin Gordon

The Law and Order President led his followers, carryingthe traitorous Confederate flag, to violate law and order inan attempted coup. Some of the treasonous window smasherswore T-shirts with the slogan-Camp Auschwitz and 6 MWNE (6million Jews was not enough). The Jews were exterminated bythe Nazis, as were 75 million people who died in World WarTwo defeating the Nazi Fascists.

It is obvious that aconspiracy to allow this insurrection designed to terrorizeCongress and the people was a criminal conspiracy organizedwithin the White House, FBI, military, National Guard andthe Republican Party. The Nazi Big Lie has been used byTrump for years, aided and abetted by the treasonous, racistRepublican Party and their corporate backers on Wall Street.The Big Lie was developed and promoted by the German NaziParty. Tell a lie, the bigger it is the more you tell it:The election was rigged and stolen, Covid-19 is ahoax.immigrants, and Muslims and other scapegoats are toblame for everything that goes wrong.

Are thescapegoats responsible for the over $1 Trillion tax cutTrump and the Republicans gave to Corporate WallStreet?

Did Muslims deregulate corporations and allowthem to poison workers on the job and in theirhomes?

Did immigrants move industry overseas, takingjobs from US workers and causing I phones to be made allover Asia? Did they force Harley Davidson to buildmotorcycles in Brazil, India, and Thailand? Did they forceDonald Trump to make his neckties in China?

Diddesperate asylum seekers pass laws to weaken workers laborunions while giving $billions to the military?

Didworking people across the nation starve and shrink thePublic Health Service for decades allowing Covid-19 to sweepacross the land?

Under the CARES Act, the USgovernment gave Trillions of dollars to bail out Wall Streetand financial institutions while only pennies went toworking people. The recent relief bill includes another200 Billion give away to the rich. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/22/us/politics/whats-in-the-covid-relief-bill.html

Thetop 1% now owns 50% of the Stock Market. Today, some 30% ofCorporate America is not earning enough to pay the intereston their debts and are called Zombie corporations. TheseZombie companies are now $2 Trillion in debt. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/america-zombie-companies-racked-1-110000761.html

TheFed is still pumping $120 billion every month into thefinancial markets buying up debt while 40 million workersare unemployed or underemployed and drowning in debt. Statesand cities across the country have already seen layoffs ofover 1 million workers.

70% of the US economy and theGDP are due to consumer spending which cannot be sustainedgiven the level of working-class debt and unemployment.Corporate Wall Street and working-class debt are heading fora massive crisis. American capitalisms response to theongoing crisis is to pump billions more into Wall Street andfinancial markets, making the 1% richer while impoverishingthe working class, and accelerating the crisis. As thecrisis continues, many politicians will continue to attacksocial services to make the working class pay for thecrisis. There can be no unity with treasonousneo-fascist capitalist politicians. Suchunity will only push the Government further intocontrol of the fascists as happened under Hitler inGermany.

While Covid-19 testing rates FALL andCovid-19 infections EXPLODE across the nation. the criminalhomicidal policy of forcing people back to work and schoolcontinues to guarantee massive infections, sickness, anddeath, soon to reach one half a million Americans. Death isfalling most heavily on the elderly, the working class, andpeople of color.

Part of the present tragedy is thatmillions of workers have been filled with fear and hatred,misled by poisonous racist, nationalist and religiousfanaticism. Their solidarity and labor unions have beenshrunken, their leaders have betrayed them, andworking-class history has been suppressed and forgotten. Toomany no longer know that they are members of a worldwideworking class; they no longer know what side of the fencethey are on. Yet all is not lost, political consciousness isever-changing.

From its beginning, America has beenbuilt on worker exploitation and racism. Only working peopleacting in their own interest can demand that racistterrorists are outlawed and the Coup plotters areinvestigated, tried, and punished. Only an independentmovement of the working class can defend us against thegrowing neo-Nazi racist movement and the Covid-19Pandemic

The urgent task for the multiracial workingclass is to rebuild solidarity and class consciousness. Toreclaim the power of the general strike and massmobilizations and demand social transformation from aprofit-driven society to one powered by the health and needsof the 99%. A movement for egalitarianism: no rich or poor,no hierarchy of race, tribe, religion or nation. Wecan build a society of economic, social, and politicalequality forall.

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