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Out of all the 2021 Marvel Studios Disney+ series. What If? was easily one of my favorites. After the events of Loki, it was incredible to actually dive into the Multiverse and witness different realities unfold. The rise of Infinity Ultron was incredible, and giving the series the Guardians of the Multiverse was something special. Plenty of the What If? episodes carried their own and are still fairly popular, like the Marvel Zombies episode. All of our favorite Avengers have fallen like Captain America, giving them a deadlier and hungrier purpose. Zombie Captain America is truly terrifying, and Diamond Select Toys has brought him to life once again with their latest Marvel Gallery PVC statue.

Coming in at 9" tall, the Marvel Zombies Captain America PVC statue is hand-painted and has diorama elements. Cap is placed on a train tracks display bases as he is on the hunt for our band of heroes. All the gruesome elements return with Captain America's blue skin, torn flesh, and weathered deco. This Frey statue is perfect for any Marvel Zombies and Captain America fan, and it is priced at $49.99. Undead collectors can buy this What If? statue with shopDisney, and he can be found here. Brainssssss!

"What If' the sentinel of liberty rose from the grave as a stalking soldier of the undead? Zombie Captain America is brought to detailed life with this fully sculpted vinyl diorama from the Diamond Gallery Diorama series."

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Zombie Captain America Takes A Bite Out of Crime with shopDisney - Bleeding Cool News

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