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Regular garden-variety zombie.

This zombie loves brains. Can't get enough. Brains, brains, brains, day in and night out. Old and stinky brains? Rotten brains? Brains clearly past their prime? Doesn't matter. Regular zombie wants 'em.

Does his common-or-garden appearance remind you of Zombie? Yes, he is Zombie's distant relative on the journey to the west. Their family are all loyal brain-lovers.

At the official start of a level, a siren noise will appear and one (an anonymous voiceover) will say "The zombies... are coming...", subsequently followed by a moan, signaling that the zombies are about to come. The Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, and Trash Can Zombie become this zombie when their armor is destroyed.

The Zombie is the most common zombie in this game, but he's the second weakest zombie, the first being Imp in I, Zombie. However, he is the weakest in normal gameplay. It takes four steps for the zombie to reach one tile of the lawn to the next. Almost every level starts with a normal zombie. The only levels that don't are Pogo Party (Pogo Zombie), Bobsled Bonanza (either Zomboni or Zombie Bobsled Team), Air Raid PC (Balloon Zombie), Column Like You See 'Em (Flag Zombie) and possibly Wall-nut Bowling and Wall-nut Bowling 2 (Buckethead Zombie or Conehead Zombie)

While they can't become typical Zombies, Flag Zombie and Ducky Tube Zombie are effectively this Zombie, Flag Zombie moving slightly faster while Ducky Tube Zombie is an aquatic variant with their own variants.

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Commoner ZombieToughness: lowDoes his common-or-garden appearance remind you of Zombie? Yes, he is Zombie's distant relative on the journey to the west. Their family are all loyal brain-lovers.

The zombie absorbs 200 damage per shot; his appearance changes upon absorption of 100 damage per shot when the left arm falls off, before dying.

Animated Zombie

Every level except for ZomBotany, ZomBotany 2, Zombiquarium, Homerun Derby, Air Raid, Ice Level, Three Hit Wonder, All your brainz r belong to us, and I, Zombie Endless

In a standard Adventure or Survival Mode level, Zombies will be the first to appear and will start the assault in approximately 20 seconds or the time it would take the player to plant three Sunflowers (or Sun-shrooms), as measured during a daytime (or nighttime) level. They can be killed by planting a Potato Mine three spaces away from the zombie, purchasing the Garden Rake from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, or planting relatively cheap offensive plants like Peashooters or Cabbage-pults. For Night levels, you can use mushrooms, like Puff-shrooms and Scaredy-shrooms. One Puff-shroom, despite its short range, will be able to take a single zombie out on its own. However, repeated attacks may be able to kill the Puff-shroom. The Tangle Kelp provides an aquatic Potato Mine-style plant in Pool levels, except only one zombie can be killed per Tangle Kelp. For dealing with large volumes of zombies, more expensive additions such as the Torchwood and Melon-pult are available, in addition to instant kills such as the Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb and Doom-shroom. Some plants, such as the Repeater and the Fume-shroom, can be upgraded to increase efficiency and give them new abilities. Zombies can eat your plants and brains, where it is then the player loses the level and try or start that same level again if it does eat your brains (the same also applies to other types of zombies). Any offensive plant can kill one of them, except when planted right in front of them. Two Spikeweeds or a Spikerock will be enough to kill a regular zombie 90% of the time, but because of slight speed variations, the player may need three Spikeweeds or a Spikerock and Spikeweed to kill them.

Due to its low health, Zombie should only be placed in lanes where there are no offensive plants, or as a backup to other zombies. However, if there is only a Peashooter in the closest lane or only a Spikeweed, then the zombie will still be able to make it past. It can also be used to set off a Potato Mine or to get eaten by a Chomper to deal with them as cheaply as possible.

Its Pool alternative

The zombie face bloated

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