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Returning to the zombie gaming scene are the same developers that brought us the Left 4 Dead series. This time Turtle Rock Studios is teaming up with Warner Bros in order to launch Back 4 Blood, which was originally announced during The Game Awards 2020. Their announcement gave us the release date set for June 22, 2021 on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series, but it also was partnered with the sign-up for their closed alpha. After getting my invite and putting a few hours into the first day of the alpha, I have to say that I am very happy with what I experienced!

Bringing back the 4-player cooperative experience, the alpha was set up with only one level that contained four chapters within Act 1. They also had both Campaign and Quick Play mode, but both of them seemed to work the same from my experience; likely due to there only being one mission set up for the closed alpha. There were three difficulties to choose from, but unless you are extremely experienced with the zombie horde style game these developers are known for and have a team of friends, not randoms, to work with, I dont suggest going above the lowest difficulty because they did not make an easy game!

Traverse through Edensburgh, which provides a set pathway for each chapters completion but not always the same findings and experience each time. Thanks to the mixture of layout RNG and their new card system, no two playthroughs will be exactly the same. After experience three consecutive playthroughs with different teams of random players, I can definitely confirm that the only thing that remained consistent was the pathway from start to finish in each chapter. When it comes to finding loot, unlockable doors, coming across specific enemies, horde traps, and anything else, I never knew what to expect.

While they have announced that they plan to have up to 8 different playable characters, the alpha includes only 4 to choose from. This alone lets us see and experience how each character comes with their own abilities and starting weapon set up. As a handgun-over-melee player, I found myself choosing to play as Hoffman or Walker which meant that I would have to find my main weapon out in the map itself. Typically, I am only able to find a main weapon to use in chapter 2, which I didnt care for too much, but there is too much use with a handgun for me to switch up my style; especially considering some of the perks you can get from the cards.

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BACK 4 BLOOD First Impression: Returning To Zombies With Originality - GameTyrant

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