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If youre this far along in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Egg hunt, congratulations. You dont need an explanation on the many things that you needed to do to get to this point. That includes turning on the power, crafting the pack-a-punch machine, getting the D.I.E. Machine weapon, locating the Aetherscope parts and assembling the scanner. Now that youve got the scanner, its time to head into the Aether to use it. In this guide were going to explain what you need to do with the Aether Scope to further your progress and find the anomalies.

To find the anomalies you need to be in the Aether. Up to this point youll have completed each of the challenges listed above, with the optional one being to have gotten the D.I.E. Machine. Assuming youve done everything else, youll likely find the Aether Portal in the Medical Bay. So the Aetherscope basically works hand in hand with another item Doctor Vogels Diary. So your primary challenge once you get the scope should be to go back into the Aether and then going to the Medical Bay.

The Medical Bay is two levels and on the top level youll find a room with a computer in it. This is where youll want to go with the Aetherscope to snag the Diary.

Diary in hand you can quickly find the Anomalies and complete this leg of the Easter Egg which will basically ready a containment trap as you push towards the final boss. So after you get the diary simply head to the downstairs area of the Med Bay. Behind the speed perk machine youll find an anomaly as you approach. Keep in mind that you cant see these anomalies from distance. The glowing orb will only become visible as you approach and you must interact with it first, AND THEN interact with it again to give Vogels diary.

Assuming that you didnt run out of the med back once you grabbed the diary this anomaly is pretty much right below you. Once you trigger this first anomaly a power zombie named Mayak will appear.

Run up stairs out to the main hallway and then hook a left to go to the control room. This is the room with the broken glass containers. It also has the reward and challenge machines in it. Approaching from the Med Bay the anomaly will be on the right hand side.

Run back into the Particle Accelerator room and head right back to the workbench on the bottom floor. The final anomaly is there.

Once youve triggered all three anomalies and given the diary simply head back to the Med Bay computer (must leave the Aether) and use the computer with password. It will open the containment device. The top image in this post is what you should see after you interact with the computer and put the password in after youve given the diary to each anomaly.

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies - How to Use Aetherscope - Doctor Vogel's Diary + Anomaly Locations - Attack of the Fanboy

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