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Marvel Zombies Resurrection gives the survivors a much-needed breather, but they're going to need it to survive the Brood Queen.

Marvel Zombies: Resurrection has featured plenty of twists and turns as the reboot brought the fan-favorite Marvel franchise back to its horror roots. The fourth issue ended with some much-needed closure for the survivors of Marvel's latest zombie apocalypse, but the final panel hints a far bigger evil is on the horizon in the form of the newest Brood Queen.

One ofResurrection's biggest twists was tweaking the origins of the zombie plague to involve one of Marvel's most terrifying species - the Brood. These sinister aliens insert eggs into their victims which, when hatched, transform their hosts into members of the alien species.Resurrection reveals that the Brood found one of the most promising hosts of all - Galactus - leading to the creation of hybrid zombies that have adopted Galactus' perchance for all-consuming hunger.

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The revelation of zombies' Brood origins completely undercuts Valerie Richard's hope to cure her parents. After an intense battle with the zombie horde within the Galactus Hive, the survivors are able to not only escape, but destroy the hive thanks to Valerie using Gambit's powers to devastating effect. After the survivors reconvene at the X-Men's now-deserted X-Mansion, Franklin Richards - now wielding Magik's sword - interrogates the head of the Silver Surfer. Having researched the Brood from Professor Xavier's own journals, he notes that the Brood always have a Queen. The Surfer tells Franklin the Brood Queen is aware of the survivors and their activities and will be meeting them rather soon. The panel shows a twinkle in the sky that looks suspiciously like Captain Marvel's emblem.

The implication of Captain Marvel being the Brood Queen isn't completely unexpected, especially since she was patient zero of the new zombie outbreak. In the first issue, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four were summoned by Marvel to the floating husk of Galactus in space. Wolverine, however, said "I remember that smell now" - referring to the smell of the Brood. He realized Captain Marvel had been infected long before she sent the transmission. Unfortunately, this warning came too late, as the gathered heroes were promptly infected, save ironically for Wolverine, who was kept alive as a food source.

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Has the Ultimate Villain of Marvel Zombies Been Revealed? - Screen Rant

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